F1 2022 Live: Belgian Grand Prix 2022 LIVE: Formula 1 Motor Race Result Live Online

F1 2022 Live: Belgian Grand Prix 2022 LIVE: Formula 1 Motor Race Result Live Online

Result LIVE | Belgian GP 2022 Formula 1: Spa-Francorchamps circuit

Vuelta 44/44 | IT’S OVER RED BULL WINS 1-2 WITH MAX VERSTAPPEN AND CHECO PREZ. Big day for the Austrian team in Belgium.

Vuelta 43/44 | Attention. Leclerc is called to the pits to attempt the fastest lap but is overtaken by Fernando Alonso who is already fifth, a good result.

Vuelta 41/44 | It looks like George Russell will try one last move towards the end of the race to get on the podium but ahead of him is a Sainz who doesn’t want to be left out of the party.

Vuelta 38/44 | We enter the home stretch of this Grand Prix and review the positions we currently have on the track, where Max Verstappen continues to fly.

  1. Verstappen
  2. Prez
  3. sainz
  4. Russell
  5. Leclerc
  6. Alonso
  7. Ocon
  8. Vettel
  9. gaseous
  10. Albon
  11. To stroll
  12. Norris
  13. Zhou
  14. Tsunoda
  15. Ricardo
  16. Magnussen
  17. Schumacher
  18. Latif
  19. Botta (OUT)
  20. Hamilton (OUT)

Vuelta 36/44 | Esteban Ocon shines with a great maneuver that saw him move up two places and it was a great race for Alpine, having sixth and seventh places on the track.

Vuelta 32/44 | Verstappen respects what would be his last step and gives himself the means to go all the way. Checo Pérez is calm in second place and now Carlos Sainz is third.

Vuelta 30/44 | Briton George Russell enters the pits again and with him Checo Prez returns to second place only behind a superlative Verstappen.

Vuelta 29/44 | Charles Leclerc overtakes Esteban Ocon and is already sixth, while Fernando Alonso overtakes Daniel Ricciardo to take eighth.

Vuelta 28/44 | Checo Pérez is also called to the pits to make what would be the final change and the Mexican goes out with a hard compound, in third place in the race.

Vuelta 26/44 | The two Ferraris come in to change the tyres. Carlos Sainz took the opportunity to get strong and Charles Leclerc put resources in order not to lose so much and try to move up positions.

Vuelta 24/44 | Verstappen is not slowing down his race and is already ahead of Checo Prez by more than nine seconds, while the Mexican is 4.5 seconds ahead of Carlos Sainz.

Vuelta 22/44 | We’re halfway through the Belgian Grand Prix race and it’s time to take stock of track positions after 22 laps at Spa.

  • Verstappen
  • Prez
  • sainz
  • Russell
  • Leclerc
  • Alonso
  • Vettel
  • Ocon
  • Albon
  • Ricardo
  • To stroll
  • Norris
  • Zhou
  • Magnussen
  • Tsunoda
  • Schumacher
  • gaseous
  • Latif
  • Botta (OUT)
  • Hamilton (OUT)

Vuelta 21/44 | Does he have. Checo Prez takes advantage of the speed of his RB18 and makes a move to pass Carlos Sainz and take second place in the race.

Vuelta 21/44 | It’s already more than five seconds that Max Verstappen takes over Carlos Sainz and now Checo Prez takes the opportunity to go on the attack after the Spaniard.

Vuelta 20/44 | Once again there is communication between Leclerc and his team and they ask him what strategy he wants to try in this race. There is a whole thing with Ferrari and its decisions.

Vuelta 18/44 | The stands light up: Max Verstappen pulls off a superb move and overtakes Carlos Sainz on the track to become the leader again. Czech remains calm in third place.

Vuelta 17/44 | Neither the A, nor the B, nor the C. Charles Leclerc is ordered by the team to go with Plan D and it looks like they will soon be mounting hard tires in an attempt to go all the way.

Vuelta 16/44 | Max Verstappen is also serving his first arrest and starts in second place behind Carlos Sainz. The bad news is that Leclerc drops one place after contact with Prez.

Vuelta 15/44 | Checo comes out of the pits just ahead of Charles Leclerc and they already have their first clash as they almost touch in an attempt to overtake the Ferrari.

Vuelta 14/44 | Charles Leclerc didn’t get off to a good start but now he has already picked up a good pace on the medium tires and is in fifth place. Checo is called to the pits.

Vuelta 14/44 | Verstappen continues to fly and is already nearly three seconds ahead of Checo Prez. Here everything begins to paint for another comfortable victory for Max in Belgium.

Vuelta 12/44 | Carlos Sainz is already going to the pits to change tires and Checo then takes the opportunity to open the door for Max and let him through. Verstappen is the new leader.

Vuelta 11/44 | Max Verstappen goes on the attack against Checo Prez and the Mexican forgets that he is his partner, closes the door to him and does not let him pass. Max complains on the radio.

Vuelta 10/44 | We review the positions after the first 10 laps of this Belgian Grand Prix:

  1. sainz
  2. Prez
  3. Verstappen
  4. Russell
  5. Alonso
  6. Vettel
  7. Ricardo
  8. To stroll
  9. Ocon
  10. Norris

Vuelta 9/44 | Carlos Sainz is complaining on the radio about suffering a strong degradation and it must be remembered that only he and Max Verstappen are now with soft and that can be a factor in a few minutes.

Vuelta 8/44 | Super Max continues to fly on the track and already manages to pass George Russell on the straight. The Dutchman is only behind Carlos Sainz and teammate Checo Pérez.

Vuelta 7/44 | Verstappen already manages to overtake Sebastian Vettel and takes fifth place. Nooooo, he also beats Alonso and takes fourth place. What a start from the world champion.

Vuelta 6/44 | Max Verstappen made an excellent start to the race and is already in sixth place, while Leclerc is in 16th place behind Gasly.

Vuelta 5/44 | The safety car is already off the track and Russell pulls out all the stops to attack Checo Prez, forcing the Mexican to stall in the first corner. Alonso takes advantage of this and goes after the British.

Vuelta 4/44 | Charles Leclerc complained of problems with one of his tires and had to change very early in this session, dropping to last place after a good start.

Vuelta 3/44 | The safety car is maintained to eliminate the two cars which were eliminated from the race: that of Valteri Bottas and that of Lewis Hamilton, who was lifted by Fernando Alonso.

Vuelta 2/44 | Latifi spins after hitting the gravel and manages to touch Valtteri Bottas, who gets stuck and we already have the first safety car of the race.

Vuelta 1/44 | Touch between Lewis Hamilton and Fernando Alonso in the fight for second place and the Briton seems to be abandoned. Checo takes advantage and recovers the position behind Sainz.

Vuelta 1/44 | THE LIGHTS GO OUT AND THE RACE STARTS IN BLGIUM. Checo Prez got off to a bad start and fell to fifth place. Verstappen moves up five places.

07:55 | The safety car makes a final lap to check that everything is in order and it’s time to set off again with the actions of this great race in Belgium, where we hope a great result from Czech Prez.

07:50 | ALL OFF PISTE. The final details of the previous round of this Spa-Francorchamps Grand Prix are being finalized and the engines are starting to warm up.

07:45 | At the moment, the ceremony is taking place with the national anthem of Belgium and the fans in the stands are already starting to give it a taste, especially with Max Verstappen before the proximity to his country.

07:40 | Everything is ready on the grid for lights out and the start of the race. We can’t wait to see the departure of Checo Prez with Carlos Sainz.

07:30 | After many rumours, Formula 1 confirmed this morning that the Belgian Grand Prix will remain on the calendar and that there will indeed be a race at Spa in 2023.

07:20 | The Red Bull squad got dressed up this Sunday, receiving a visit from Manchester City and Belgium national team star Kevin De Bruyne, who has been invited to watch the race in his home country.

Hi Hi Hi. Hello and welcome to this minute by minute Belgian Grand Prix 2022, with which the Formula 1 calendar returns after a break for the summer break.

This race is a golden opportunity for the Mexican Sergio Prez, who will date Carlos Sainz and seek to regain second place in the Championship Drivers World Cup adding valuable units.

Track action begins at 8:00 a.m. in Mexico City from the iconic Spa-Francorchamps circuit, from where we will take you all the action live so that you do not miss any detail.

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