F1 2022: Madrid wants Formula 1 on the Jarama circuit

F1 2022: Madrid wants Formula 1 on the Jarama circuit

Ehe Jarama circuit, owned by RACE and with the support of the Autonomous Community of Madrid, Spain, for some months has been positioning itself for weeks to renew itself in depth and return to the Formula 1 World Cup. Contacts, already initiated at the last meeting in Belgium, are materializing with the agreement of all parties and The target will be in 2026 when the contract with Montmel (Barcelona) ends.

The news, brought forward by Autopista and confirmed by MARCA that he has received from Jarama sources that the road would be delighted if the Community invests in it, includes a layout redesign that “Technically it’s possible and not as expensive as building a new circuit, Jarama will certainly be able to host F1 races,” says Jarno Zaffelli, who is now the FIA’s new Hermann Tilke. with the new president Mohamed Ben Sulayem. The two, as well as Stefano Domenicali and Carmelo Sanz de Barros, new world vice-president of the FIA, president of the Senate of the federative body and president of RACE, discussed at length during the Belgian event.

Ben Sulayem (FIA), Zeffelli (Dromo) and Sanz de Barros (RACE), at the Belgian Grand Prix.

The example of Zandvoort

Precisely Domenicali has already been contacted by the Community of Madrid, in the form of a simple letter of intent, to examine how the capital could join the exclusive club of cities that host a race. Only that the exaggerated price of a removable circuit made them consider other options. And that of renewing the Jarama, in an operation between 40-50 million euros, in three or four years, is the one that has advanced. He has already done this with Silverstone, Spa and above all Zandvoort, a circuit by the same author as Jarama, Hugenholtz, and of a similar age, and which has returned to the calendar with an update.

“We at Dromo (the company of which he is the founder and CEO) work with many circuits that have the same characteristics as Jarama. Not only in Europe, but practically all over the world. We have 25 projects in progress, and several of them in the United States, where we already know that there are very particular circuits.. You don’t have to redo things to make them perfect, but, in our opinion, it should have the same difficulties as before, with the necessary improvements to bring it up to date”, explains Zefelli.

The layout, from 3.8 kilometers to 4.1, similar to the Dutch one, should improve the stand (today only the main one), the loopholes and the accesses, since the tower and the lodges were remodeled a few years ago . Jarama will recover F1 nearly half a century later since the last race was in 1981, although it can also accommodate appointments in the MotoGP World Championship because it has the maximum homologation, something that hadn’t happened since 1998. Now the political deal is lacking, with a presumed mid-term loan between the two and the circuit taking over one way or another, for the firm proposal to go ahead. And that of the environment in an area very sensitive to noise and with neighborhood organizations opposed to the extension of the route for years. FIA OK and FOM already have it on the table.

Jarama has never lost its activity, yes, with less demanding competitions for its type of track, and above all with private events and driving courses. Its viability, perhaps alternating in the calendar with Montmel (Jarama and Montjuich alternated between 1968 and 1974), knowing that receiving a race today hardly goes down 30 million per Grand Prix, This will be another question to analyze.

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