F1 2022: Marko hits Vettel and sees Fernando Alonso win

F1 2022: Marko hits Vettel and sees Fernando Alonso win

Ever the past few weeks, there have been two moves in F1 that have attracted a lot of attention. Both have to do with world champions. And in both cases, they have as common denominator Aston Martin. Sebastian Vettel announced that he would retire at the end of this season. And then it was confirmed that Fernando Alonso will take the German’s seat in the Silverstone-based box from 2023.

Helmut Marko spoke about these two shocking news in an interview with ‘Oe24.at’. And he compared the two pilots with his usual rudeness. Vettel came out very badly of the verdict handed down by the formidable Austrian leader. And, on the contrary, Alonso received praise from the Redbull Consultantwho is not exactly lavish with compliments (except with Max Verstappen), not even with the pilots of his own squad.

Comparison Vettel vs. Alonso

When commenting on what happened with ‘Seb’, who was a four-time champion with the Milton Keynes side (from 2010 to 2013), he underlines that he finds it normal to let him see what he is doing at the wheel of the AMR22: “Before, with his meticulousness, Vettel fit perfectly into our DNA, with him at Red Bull everything worked perfectly. But now he has other priorities, so what happened is normal and that’s why he took this drastic decision. If you don’t put your heart into what you do, you get nothing.“.

Alonso, extremely happy. / ALPINE F1

Instead of Alonso, he warns: “He’s super fast. It’s amazing the type of races he’s able to do. For me it’s the surprise of the year and I even think that as a driver he is still capable of winning. The only question is whether Aston Martin can supply you with the right package to do so.“.

The confession of Vettel’s father

The fact is that this year Vettel is suffering a lot. The quadruple champion and winner of 53 Grand Prix rides in the back. He is currently 14th overall with 16 points.

The Heppenheim driver’s father has confessed that not being able to compete for podiums and wins with Aston Martin hastened his offspring’s decision to quit F1. “It’s a shame, but I understand. It’s been an incredible journey for my son. It hurt a lot to step away from the points area and it accelerated his urge to retire“, he pointed out Norbert Vettel at “RTL”.

Alonso, always hungry

Whereas, Alonso doesn’t want to stop. At 41, he is still hungry for glory. He will arrive at Aston Martin to fill Vettel’s vacancy and we will see how long he will continue to compete in the top flight, but he wants to extend his dream for several more seasons. The Spaniard is in 10th position in the standings with 41 points and his ambition is to leave Alpine with a good taste in his mouth.. Last year, the double F1 world champion succeeded a precious podium in Qatar and in this journey he will seek to go back in the drawer in one of the nine appointments that remain for the end of the 2022 campaign.

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