F1 2022: Records Verstappen can break

F1 2022: Records Verstappen can break

Ehe next Singapore Grand Prix may be the one that crowns Max Verstappen. It is true that not everything is so simple and that we will probably have to wait a little longer, but a bad day in Ferrari can get the party started at Red Bull.

Although only a miracle can snatch the Dutchman his second consecutive world title. It looked like this year was going to see a tough battle between him and Leclerc… but for some reason, the 2022 season only had one name, and that’s none other than Max.

But it’s on track to have even more this year. Spray, Grand Prix after Grand Prix, the fast laps. His car and his command are superior on almost any track, and they showed it. But there are six races left and Verstappen can get even more records continue to go strong in the history of Formula 1.

Number of points

Lewis Hamilton, Red Bull’s main rival last year, is the one who holds the record for points in a season. He racked up 413 points in a 21-race season in 2019. That’s one less appointment than this year. Currently, the World Cup leader has 310. They are 116 more than Leclerc.

There are over 160 points up for grabs, with the fastest laps and sprint race taking place this year. I will not be able to cross the barrier of 500 points, but it is not unreasonable to think that he will be able to score as much in his pocket. He can overthrow Hamilton if he manages to add 113 more points. And given the cruising speed he followed during the last GPs…

Distance between first and second

Earlier we remembered the distance between Verstappen and Leclerc in the World Cup. Be careful, because these 116 points they can also be a record item for Max.

In 2013, Vettel ended up winning a much looser World Cup for him than it looked at the pre-summer break. Fernando Alonso was twice champion. The distance between them was 155 points.

Now Verstappen has a chance in the remaining six races to open a gap equal to or greater than the German had with his dominance… also in the back of his Red Bull.

winning streak

The The Dutchman has five consecutive victories. He was completely incurable. And it doesn’t matter if he didn’t do the fastest lap in qualifying, had to be penalized or went down the grid. Because after a few laps I was already breathing in the back of my head leading the race.

Vettel has won nine consecutive races. It was between Belgium and Brazil, also in 2013. The German’s dominance was overwhelming in this last part of the season. Alberto Ascari got seven in the 1950s.

With these data, and taking into account that there are still six races to say goodbye to 2022, Verstappen can make 11, if he wins them all; 10 if it just doesn’t climb to the top of the crate Abu Dhabi. And you can even pair it with the nine in Mexico.

Number of wins per season

Michael Schumacher managed to finish the season, in 2004, with 13 victories in 18 Grands Prix. That’s the current record, because he won 72.22%, if you look at the percentages. Which, on the other hand, is revealing if you consider that there have not always been the same Grands Prix in the season. This year, the calendar is very busy, with 22 races in total. The same thing happened last year.

But in absolute terms, it would be enough for him to win 13. This season already has 11, he would therefore only have two more to catch up with them, and three to surpass what Schumacher and Vettel have achieved.

fast laps

Schumacher and Kimi Raikkonen each added ten fastest laps per season. Max has five. To break the record, he would have to get it in all the remaining GPs by the end. Or at least do it in five out of six, to even it out. This is probably the most difficult challenge in front of all those that have been mentioned so far.

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