F1 2022: “Stroll is not afraid to face Fernando Alonso”

F1 2022: “Stroll is not afraid to face Fernando Alonso”

Fernando Alonso will head for Aston Martin at the end of this season. To be associated with a Lance Stroll who still has a long way to go in the Formula 1. In fact, that was one of the reasons the squire wanted the Asturian instead. All your live it can help develop the car and also the driver’s maturation process.

The one who will be Alonso’s boss from 2023, Mike Krack considers Stroll too underrated. He considers that he is not afraid of having to face the Asturian with the same car. And it even touches that, with a quadruple world champion, like Vettel, he also does things well. But at that moment, when it was known that he would be at Sebastian’s side, there were the same doubts.

Krack defends his pilot. “It’s important to remember that Lance has never had a winning car in Formula 1, a car that he can show what he is capable of.“, assumes in statements collected by F1. This is why he thinks he is completely ready to deal with Fernando on the other side of the garage.

“When Sebastian came to the team, people said Lance had no options, but Lance performed surprisingly well against a quadruple world champion and they have been close”, he summarizes on what has happened lately.

He obviously does not know what may happen in the future, but it is clear that the situation is similar to the arrival of Vettel, because “People are saying the same thing now that Fernando is coming, but let’s wait and see. Lance may surprise some.”

Moreover, he even considers that a surprise can be generated for his teammate. Everyone expects a great performance from Alonso, but thinks Stroll can give all the performance needed to put the car as high as possible.

a good relationship

He does not know what the relationship between the two pilots is. Or what the future Aston Martin driver thinks of the Canadian. “I don’t know if Fernando is underestimating Lance. He’s clearly not afraid to race him in the same car or against any other driver, but there is respect between them.“, assumed Krack.

This affects the relationship between the two. It is no secret that they have known each other for many years and that they share much more than asphalt. Also dinners outside of work reasons. As we know for Stroll, Alonso has always been a reference.

Fernando, Ferrari driver (2010-13), often dined with the Stroll family when it coincided with the Canadian Grand Prix, for example. When Lance was small, his idol was the Asturian himself, with whom he made several shots when he was about ten or eleven years old.

And this is how Krack also confesses when faced with their future as teammates: “They’ve known each other for many years, they’ve faced each other and Fernando knows Lance’s qualities. There’s real respect there.”“, phrasing.

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