F1 2022: The Red Bull-Porsche union is getting complicated

F1 2022: The Red Bull-Porsche union is getting complicated

SI took it for granted… and now it seems like the union between Red Bull and Porsche form a common team Formula 1 of 2026 it is totally broken. This is how the very clear demonstrations of the two headliners of the energy drink team during the last Grand Prix of the Netherlands reveal it, louder than usual in highly confidential negotiations.

“Porsche will not become a shareholder of Red Bull”, Helmut Marko (advisor of the Austrian team) came to assure Zandvoort by affirming his stronghold (Porsche was supposed to buy 50% of Red Bull). A message that he will endorse later Christian Hornereven putting the conditions of Red Bull to finalize the agreement, “it will have to be in the way we see the races. We are an independent team. This is how we have always worked and it is a mandatory requirement for the future.”

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Red Bull is currently the dominant structure in Formula 1.Red Bull

Almost made in Austria, almost broken in the Netherlands

The agreement between the two companies was so advanced that it even “planned” a first final release scenario of the agreement: the Austrian Grand Prix, at Red Bull. It is therefore claimed that important details of car regulations were missing to describe who made Porsche walk with leaden feet.

Shortly after, at the end of June, there was a major movement at the dome of Volkswagen SA this forced conversations to slow down. The departure of Herbert Diess as CEO of the Volkswagen Group and its replacement by Olivier Blume, CEO of Porsche. Although this movement of pieces was not to be an obstacle since Blume had been the one had piloted the advent of Porsche in Formula 1so that his “promotion” to the head of the whole group would even be an incentive for the project.

Now, with demonstrations of Mark there Horner everything seems to point to a interruption or at least one red bull force move to maintain their status in this joint project with an entire automotive giant like Volkswagen AG. The Austrian team designed its own roadmap for 2026with a power unit developed by themselves with the collaboration of Honda that in fact, already began bench testingthat Horner himself was responsible for highlighting.

Red Bull - Porsche - Formula 1 - deal - merger - Christian Horner - Helmut Marko

Red Bull is expanding its capabilities in Milton Keynes to also resume engine manufacturing in 2026.Red Bull

Porsche about to go public

So Red Bull’s terms could make prohibit Porsche from entering as a manufacturer and limiting itself to motorization to current world champions, something that is adapt to the wishes of Red Bull which, in fact, has been operating this way since its debut in the competition.

Moreover, Red Bull is in a strong position not only because of its current situation, with Verstappen very close to republishing the titlebut also because Porsche is about to go public and Formula 1 as a motivation letter would be an excellent decision for the German company.

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