F1 2022: “Verstappen is a cannibal, he reminds me of Schumacher”

F1 2022: “Verstappen is a cannibal, he reminds me of Schumacher”

Max Verstappen has continued to stand out since his arrival in Formula 1. Last year, he ended the hegemony of Lewis Hamilton and was proclaimed world champion. This year is set to do the same. The distance between Leclerc already exceeds one hundred points. It seems that no one will be able to take away his second in a row.

F1 CEO Stefano Domenicali He also commented on the current champion and even compares him to Michael Schumacher. He did it in the newspaper ‘Corriere della Sera’. “He’s a cannibal, he doesn’t look at anyone”, considered. That’s why he “reminds me a lot of Michael”. They are similar, for him, “in that he focuses on whatever he is doing on the track.”

A comparison that doesn’t seem unreasonable, given how much dominance Max has shown so far this season. Even the past too, although to a lesser extent because the Hamilton’s Mercedes had even more potential.

That’s why the F1 boss has no doubts that he can become a legend. For now, in the next races to be crowned, with the exception of mayscula, world champion by consecutive second. And with a feeling of being almost invincible.

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In any case, Domenicali didn’t just talk about Verstappen. The same goes for Ferrari which, although not quite right in its latest performances, the truth is that it seems very difficult to imagine Formula 1 without the presence of the Scuderia. “I think they are an inseparable couple and I have the impression that the management of Ferrari thinks the same thing.” specified in the interview.

“Italy is the only country where people support Ferrari, no matter who drives it,” notes on what happens each time the Grand Circus arrives in Monza. And that’s true. The images indistinctly supported Leclerc and Carlos Sainz throughout the weekend.

“In other places, it’s the drivers that matter, just look at the Verstappen effect. Or how they follow Norris“, he adds to close his remarks on the subject.

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