F1 2022: what awaits Alonso at Aston Martin

F1 2022: what awaits Alonso at Aston Martin

Fernando Alonso is the pilot and customer prototype of Aston Martin perfect. Due to his age and social status, that’s where he’s headed. Aston Martin looking for clientele and you need a driver like Alonso to pull the sales car and sports car. But without losing the north, which is ninth even going up.


What will he find on his latest adventure? A team in each of the results (7 in 2021, penultimate now, with a podium in 40 races since its return as a brand, although with a victory as Racing Point) but leader in growth and investmentswith the arrival of high and mid-range sponsors (technology partners) and a new factory and wind tunnel and simulator, at the latest, recruiting talents from different teams. It uses the Mercedes power unit as well as the world champion gearbox and rear suspension. But in the future in 2026 they will be able to do like Red Bull and create their own engine. The objective, to win in five years those who go there for the second. The multi-year contract, but with the possibility of leaving at any time if things get worse, which does not seem like it,

The team, 30 years

It was in Jordan 30 years ago (where Pedro de la Rosa got his start), then Midland, Spyker, Force India and Racing Point, with as many names as owners and as many colors as there are irregularities, albeit with the headquarters still at Silverstone, now under permanent reconstruction.

Account, as Alpine formerly known with Renault, with a large group of hard workers capable already in 2019 of copying the Mercedes by heart and even winning a race last year in Bahrin. This year they have copied again, although Red Bull so far without great results. Alonso has already seen the head office up close, it is still under construction and there will be one of its great assets, in equipment and the injection of money, in particular from the oil company Aramco, also a sponsor of F1 and a giant in difficult times. They don’t stop at half measures, they want a champion and they pay him well, they paid him with Vettel and now with Alonso, who has a salary of around 20 million. There has also been a transfer of personnel from Mercedes to Aston Martin with the arrival of the engine and more signings of overseas talent, notably from Red Bull.

the new f

The new Aston Martin factory, adjacent to the current one.

Walk, the owner

He is chairman of Aston Martin and one of the world’s fortune 1,000 with an estimated three billion dollars in various concepts.

A longtime friend of Alonso, as well as his son, he added Aston Martin to his portfolio of success (he bought 17% of the company in 2020 for 215 million) as he had done before with Tommy Hilfiger, Michael Kors etc. Not just to get his son racing, but he’s looking to make a big mark in F1, returning 60 years later.

“He has the hand of Midas, everything he touches turns to gold. He’s the smartest man in Formula 1 right now, I’m sure. One year he saved Racing Point from bankruptcy and the next year he won a race,” says Eddie Jordan.

Martin Whitmarsh, Como and McLaren

The now CEO of the newly created Aston Martin Performance Technologies Group, which will include the F1 team which will also develop the technical capabilities and intellectual property of the Group, He was one of the biggest pushers for Fernando, whom he has known from his time at McLareneven though it was hectic. With Marsh “a very smart guy”, in Fernando’s words, embodied the new era of less rude managers with Stefano Domenicali at Ferrari.

Dan Fallows, the guru and technical director

The multi-millionaire signature that released this aerodynamic genius from being the boss of this area at Red Bull for 15 years to dressing in green to make another champion car. This is the new rear wing released in Hungary because before it was “gardening” the period of abstention from work in F1 when you jump from one team to another and you can take sensitive information. Alongside Andy Green, take or already take the technical part.

Krack, the team leader

A guy with a delicate voice and little experience in current F1, but he worked with Sauber for eight years in the BMW era, until 2009, then Formula 3, still BMW as chief engineer in DTM during two years before moving to Porsche as track designer. engineer with the LMP1 program.

Some like Berger, who knows a little about the DTM, are not impressed by its past or its present.. “Let’s see what he can do, but when I think about what he’s done in the DTM, I just don’t see the way forward for Aston Martin with him. In all the years I’ve been there BMW was never consistently competitive, they could be in a good position on the starting grid one day and they didn’t know why, and the next day they were in last position and they didn’t know why either . When you see that over a long period, you doubt and you necessarily question the people behind the project, and it was he who led it.”

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