F1 2022: Who is Colton Herta and why did Red Bull choose him for Formula 1?

F1 2022: Who is Colton Herta and why did Red Bull choose him for Formula 1?

Prang for the first time Andrettithen he did a test with McLaren and finally it seems that Colton’s Heart it will be next year Formula 1… but inside Red Bull. Specifically, in his second team, the team Alpha Tauri, succeeds Pierre Gaslywhose destiny is in Alpineon the steering wheel that leaves free Fernando Alonso.

Although there is no official confirmation of any of these movements… it’s almost as if there were, since the two Helmut Marko (Red Bull advisor) as himself herta recognized a agreement between the two parties. An incredible deal for many reasons.

Palou beat Herta last year and will also finish ahead in 2022.Honda Racing/LAT

Why Herta?

The American is currently participating in the IndyCar. That is to say, it is Spanish rival Álex Palouwho until this weekend is the defending champion. Herta, 22 years oldfills in this 2022 its fourth full year in the greatest American single-seater competition, where his best result was a third placein 2020. This season you will not be able to improve it since it is currently eighth in the absence of the last event this weekend, at Laguna Seca (where the Californian won in 2019). Last season, the one that elevated Palou to his second year in the United States, Herta finished five.

The colton impact in America, it was produced especially by its earliness. He made his IndyCar debut in the final round of the 2018 season, still with 18 years and already in his third participation he obtained his first victory. This victory at the Circuit of the Americas in March 2019 marked a earliness record by becoming the youngest winner in IndyCar history. still in line Andretti (one of the three best teams in the championship), adds today seven victories, nine pole positions and 15 podiums in four years (compared to Palou’s three victories, a pole and 21 podiums in three years – including one with the modest Dale Coyne -… not counting the championship).

Colton Herta - IndyCar - Formula 1 - Alpha Tauri - superlicense

Michael Andretti was Herta’s biggest supporter.IndyCar/Chris Jones

It is such a fast driver…so inconsistent. Hence the lack of results which is a strange letter of introduction of the pilot in front of the European fans. Its seasons are full of performance peaks: It is very effective when everything is going well, but its sound errors are also on the agenda. Among its qualities, yes, is the aggressiveness (well understood) in the melee (of course IndyCar is a much more contact prone category than F1)… but also on mechanicsand that American single-seaters are much tougher than Formula 1 cars.

Your nationality, a differentiating factor

And Formula 1 is looking for an American driver to strengthen its growing position in this market (and all the more so as the 2023 calendar will have three appointments there: COTA, Miami and Las Vegas) the most logical choice -and almost unique- may be that of Herta. Newgarden is brighter (he won two titles), but his time is over.

Colton Herta - IndyCar - Formula 1 - Alpha Tauri - superlicense

Herta would take over from Alexander Rossi, the last American in F1.Honda Racing/LAT

The Californian also had a invaluable help from his current boss, Michael Andrettito whom he entrusted the role of first pilot for his American Team Draft…that the F1 greats have locked down. Even more valuable is the support of Zak Brownwho introduced him de facto to the world of Formula 1 by offering him a test with the McLaren 2021with the convenient rear bass drum on a brilliant performanceswhich continues to be the case whenever a promising driver steps into an F1 car.

No less remarkable was the unanimous support from the North American sports press, who devoted himself to his young star both in sports and in politics. Because, curiously, it is now that they have started a campaign against the FIA ​​Superlicence, due to the low value IndyCar has as a prelude to Formula 1. Something that, on the other hand, is totally true… but it only became clear now, when the options for a local driver were real.

The super license, the big obstacle for Herta

Not having reached indy car title and did not participate in the lower FIA categories (Formula 2, Formula 3 and Regional Formulas) Herta is not in possession of the Superlicensethe document required by the FIA ​​to participate in the Formula 1 World Championship. This is the big hurdle Herta and Red Bull have to overcome today to finish getting the ticket to the highest category in world motorsport.

Victory in the IndyCar series directly rewards the 40 points needed (Palou, therefore, has it)… but Herta was only able to add 31 with his results for the last three years in America (3rd, 5th and, for now, 8th).

Colton Herta - IndyCar - Formula 1 - Alpha Tauri - superlicence

Although he is a talented pilot, his results are not impressive.Honda Racing/LAT

The FIA and the F1 -at least so far- has been demonstrated opposed to making an exception for Herta . Also team leaders like Gunther Steiner (Haas), Frederic Vasseur (Alfa Romeo) or the very It’s Wolf they objected to changing the rule so that Herta has the only part of the F1 ticket that appears to be missing.

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