F1 director continues to denigrate Andretti’s team

F1 director continues to denigrate Andretti’s team

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Andretti made no secret of his frustration at not being able to complete his bid to join the top flight with a new team, having failed in his plan to acquire the Sauber organisation.

Domenicali said he was happy with the current number of 10 teams and that a new team is not needed to add value to the world championship. And he pointed out that in addition to Andretti, others have shown interest in entering while maintaining a lower profile.

The program evaluation process is still ongoing, but no details have been given on how it will take place or when a decision will be made, which will ultimately be taken by the FIA ​​and its president. Mohammad Ben Sulayem.

“I think right now, looking at the current state of F1, it’s not a problem of quantity to be able to increase the value of the category,” he replied. Sundays when Motorsport.com asked him how he was doing with Andretti.

“It’s really a question of understanding, and not just among those who have a bigger or louder voice, there will also be other people, but Andretti was quite vocal in his request. There are others who have done the same, in another way.” .

“So the review is not just with Andretti, the review is also influencing others who are keeping quiet to try to be more productive and show who they are, respecting the protocol we have in place.”

“As I’ve always said, I don’t think the problem is having more teams that give more value to the championship.”

“But there is a protocol that has to be followed. And everyone, including Andretti, is following it. So that’s the current situation. I don’t see any change. And I don’t want to say yes or no.”

Formula 1 CEO Stefano Domenicali with Mercedes AMG Director and CEO Toto Wolff

When asked in the past Hungarian GP On Andretti’s plans, Mercedes boss Toto Wolff suggested he would support a manufacturer who wanted to create a works team, saying it would add more to the sport than the Andretti name.

Later Michael Andretti’s father, mariosaid on social media that Wolff had too much influence in Formula 1, and asked about comments from the elder Andretti, Domenicali defended the Mercedes boss.

“Well, I think Toto has a team leader position,” he said. “He is a 30% shareholder in Mercedes, he has the reputation of having won eight titles in a row. So if I talk about his credibility, there is nothing to add.”

“I’ve known Mario very, very well for a long time. He tries to present his idea in the way he thinks is the right way to do it.”

“But I think, as you know, there is a government in place. And the decision has to follow established protocol. And Mario is very expressive, Michael too. I spoke with them very often, as you can tell. ‘imagine, and we have to respect that.

“Podemos tener opiniones diferentes, pero al final se trata de seguir el protocolo. Y hay alguien que debe tomar la decisión final. Como he dicho, ahora mismo no veo una debilidad en el número de teams que hay en la F1. Esa es mi opinion”.

Mario Andretti, with Emerson Fittipaldi and with Michael Bay

Mario Andretti, with Emerson Fittipaldi and Michael Bay

As for the possibility that a manufacturer could enter F1 with a new team, he said: “Today we are talking about the new regulations, from 2026. And all the manufacturers involved in that, the current ones or maybe the new ones that will arrive”. , say that time passes very quickly, it takes four years to make another power unit”.

“We have to be careful because when we talk about F1, we need an entity or a team or a manufacturer that is really solid, that is really strong and that is fully committed to an incredible long-term future. .”

“So that’s what I can really add, but again, honestly, I don’t see the need to increase the number of teams to have a big advantage for F1.”

Rendering of the Audi F1 car

A render of an Audi F1

Domenicali also played down the theory that the number of entries should be increased by 10 to protect the series from possible loss of teams in the future, given that most manufacturers have historically shown that they are drop. -in and drop-out.

The Italian believes outside interest is good for the teams there as it increases their value.

“I think it’s not a problem at the moment,” he said. “In fact, it’s the opposite situation. We have the same situation as at the grand prix: there are by far more people wanting in than people wanting out.”

“And as there is interest from many manufacturers, but also many teams, the current ones can talk and market and negotiate with them if they feel weak or if they see that they don’t have no future for themselves.”

“So I think it’s also another value for those who are already there, to know that around them there are manufacturers or other teams who want to enter the business. So it’s a fact which, in my opinion, of course will reinforce the value of F1”.

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