F1 – GP of Hungary 2022: Ferrari collapses and Verstappen is virtually champion

F1 – GP of Hungary 2022: Ferrari collapses and Verstappen is virtually champion

Anything that can go wrong ends up going the worst way for the sake of Ferrari. They invoke bad luck harshly, it must be said, with wrong decisions, constant bad pit stops and on top of that the bad luck that often accompanies the timid. They start at the Hungarian Grand Prix as second and third, with Sainz and Leclerc, and chasing a theoretically slower-paced Mercedes, Russell’s.

The end result, with victory for Max Verstappen (out of 10), second for Lewis Hamilton (out of 8) and third for Russell, with Sainz fourth and Leclerc sixth, it is difficult to explain for those of Maranello. The Dutchman certifies his second world title, with 80 points ahead with 9 races remaining for the end, while Mercedes is back and able to beat with a good strategy and a good job in the garage to much faster cars like those of Ferrarieven this weekend.

When the covers were taken off and they saw each other the colors of the tires, there was a first breath in the press room. Russell rode softly, as did Verstappen and Hamilton, while Sainz and Leclerc bet on the middle. The sky was threatening the rain, which never came intensely, but this decision forced us to place the tough one at some point in the race. With temperatures dropping to 28 degrees since Friday (from 55 to 27 on the tarmac), it was predictable that this compound would never reach the right temperature. It was ultimately Leclerc’s grave.

Instead of going for Russell in the early laps to pass and take the floor, the one who left was the Englishman. Then it all went wrong, as Mercedes and Red Bull cornered like bullies to two red cars for pure strategy. Leclerc he shot for the win with the second media game of the first third of the race and was the leader after a spectacular overtaking to Russell, but the next thing that came to mind was hard tires to fall into absolute misery. On an additional lap, Max overtook him on the track and then a second time to top it off, after a spin from the Dutchman. Not for those.

sainzFor its part, should have finished third, but two bad stops from his car, something that is no longer relevant, deprived him of a better result again and they forced him to go tow. The second was possible for him, but at the first stop he was beaten by Russell and at the second by Hamilton. It’s just not possible. “Strategy is the least, we had no pace in these temperatures and Red Bull and Mercedes were quicker today,” Carlos said to apologize to his team.

Not even if they had a car three seconds faster would have sufficed, with so many suicidal decisions from their own wall. The fear of failure grips them and makes them easy prey when the rhythms match.. They were tenth up or down with the Mercedes. Verstappen It’s already another matter and his team is strengthening their frantic pace, instead of slowing it down as is the case with their rivals.

The image of the CEO of Ferrari, Mattia Binotto, coming out of the back of the box, 10 laps to go, illustrated the day of the mythical team of the “pony”. the tidal wave is coming at the headquarters in Maranello, with three weeks of rest until Spa (August 26-28). They attacked them and they fell into each trap of their rivals without valid answers. There may be decisions in the near future.

For its part, Fernando Alonso survived one of the most difficult races of recent times, where he was stopped again by Ocon twice in an inexplicable way. be a partner. In the end, he prevailed in the blue battle. He finished eighth, overtaking the tough Frenchman who has no team spirit. Alpine has a problem, which he did not solve during his time in Arabia and which comes up every time the Frenchman spots the Spaniard on the track.

It happened to Ocon in his time with Checo in Force India and now it’s happening to him with Fernando. And the boss is the same, who impassively watches Esteban lose Alpine points, like when I opened the door today Ricardo for wanting to cover Fernando again. Due to his quality, he was overtaken by the Spaniard who then outdistanced him in 5 seconds. to be again.

Good start from the Spaniard, who threw himself outside and almost overtook Russell who carried with soft. Leclerc had no choice but to overtake Carlos. Rain threatened as imminent. Alonso was equal to Ocon but couldn’t with him, while Hamilton passed them both and finished fifth. Virtual safety car on lap 1.

“I’ve never seen a defense like Esteban’s today,” Alonso complained over his teammate’s radio.

The Dutchman was already seventh when he overtook the Asturian, with much more speed on soft rubber. I was going for everything. Sainz was approaching 2.0 from Leclerc and slightly outdistancing Leclerc. Max passed Ocon on lap 6 and was already sixth. Checo passed Alonso and finished eighth and Fernando ninth. On lap 8, Checo overtook Ocon and was already seventh.

The McLaren without (soft) front tires fell prey to Lewis who finished fourth and Max who finished fifth. Sainz couldn’t go below two seconds from Russell at that time.

Those of the software were down in performance. Lando was the first off the top on lap 14 and Russell on lap 16 with Sainz leading by one lap. Then they took it away from Leclerc in front with a slow save. Another, still in her car.

Sainz passed Ocon and moved up to fifth, behind Russell.

Ferrari’s invaluable help was instrumental in stopping Leclerc (lap 21) by just 2.7 seconds, while Carlos’s had been 3.7. His team caused the Spaniard to lose position again in the pits. Again by chance, of course.

And from behind, Alonso got past Ocon after his stoppage and trying to pass the Frenchman to Fernando, Ricciardo came from behind and passed them both. Alpine doesn’t have a name either. They were already 11 and 12 years old and they were still locked up.

Recalling Piquet with Senna in ’86, Leclerc dived from deep at Turn 1 and braked in time to remove the stickers on the outside. Superb passing of the Monegasque, one of the best of his sporting career. Behind Sainz was 1.5 sec. de Sainz and Verstappen were two seconds behind him.

From behind, Sainz couldn’t get past Russell and Verstappen was dangerously close.

He threw the Max undercut on Carlos and Russell. Bad prospects for Madrid at that time as he was forced to put on the softs.

It was Leclerc who took cover and put on the tough guys. The Monegasque then had an advantage of 4.9, but everything was not yet settled. Saizn remained first.

Max passed Russell and he had virtually only Leclerc ahead. Ferrari tried to hang out with Leclerc, but the tough one looked like suicide. In one lap, he overtook Leclerc and became the virtual leader.

With raindrops, Max did a 360 and was protected by a big Checo. Sainz was in the lead, Hamilton, Leclerc and Verstappe behind. But with more water, it could all happen again.

Verstappen recovered from the mishap and once again devastated Leclerc with his hard tyres. Ferrari had failed again. The rain was the only thing that could save them.

The Ferrari deal with Sainz is amazing, the second stop was slow again and he was exposed again, this time to Hamilton. Behind Alonso had noticed Ocon and was in the points as eighth.

After Hamilton’s stop, Max was the leader, Leclerc second but trailed by Russell and Sainz fourth and coming in as a shot from behind. Russell passed Leclerc and finished second on lap 53.

Charles pitted to put the softs on and Sainz was third behind Russell and Max (v55). And they sang the rain in two rounds.

Lewis capped the Ferrari disaster, leaving Sainz and the Italian team off the podium, in one of its worst days for many years. The two slow saves with Carlos were decisive for the Spaniard’s result.

The seven-time champion showed no mercy at the poleman and entered the two from the outside to pass his teammate and take second place. Saizn finished fourth and Leclerc sixth, while Verstappen went solo for eighth of the season.

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