F1 hopes not to repeat old mistakes with cycles of ‘ups and downs’

F1 hopes not to repeat old mistakes with cycles of ‘ups and downs’

Formula 1 bosses are hoping the series can escape previous “boom and bust” periods for manufacturers with the arrival of Audi and Porsche.

The new Formula 1 engine rules from the 2026 season have contributed to the arrival of two major German manufacturers. Audi has already confirmed its presence after an announcement made during the Belgian Grand Prix, and should Porsche communicate your union with Red Bull soon.

The arrival of the signature of the four rings and those of Stuttgart means that at least the grid will have five marks in the Grand Cirque at the start of the 2026 route: Mercedes, Ferrari, Renault, Audi and Porsche.

Honda He also hasn’t completely ruled out his presence once his deal with Red Bull ends, so there would be up to six suppliers making up the grid.

What will happen with the arrival of Audi in Formula 1? :

The history of Formula 1 and other top international categories, such as the WEC, has shown that the various championships have great difficulty in maintaining such a number of manufacturers over the long term, because not all of them can win and the “losers” abandon their projects.

However, the president of the Grand Cirque, Stefano Domenicalliand that of the FIA, Mohammad bin Sulayemthink the way the engine rules were written, coupled with the financial strength of Formula 1 in the new era of the budget cap, should be enough to keep everyone going for a long time.

The Italian said: “I think in the history of Formula 1 we have seen teams come and go, like the manufacturers. The beauty of the choice we have made together is that we are convinced that, technically speaking , it’s the good one.” .

“It will allow, from a technological, sustainable and economic point of view, to have and keep the teams and the motorcyclists, in addition to adding more to this equation”, he assured. “Right now, if you look at the cycles, I think we’re on the positive side. [y en ascenso]”.

“It will be a long time before, I hope it will be as late as possible, until we cross over to the other side, but now everything is fine, we are in a super trend”, defended the maximum responsible for the category.

The President of the FIA, Mohammad bin Sulayemsaid the desire to make sure the rules work for both current manufacturers and new ones to come, helped create belief that Formula 1 could keep all the car brands in the project.

“I am sure that the durability of the bikers will be there,” he said. “What we invested at the time to have the right PSU was a lot. The downside was the hours on the power bank and the budget cap, so we made sure that both parties, the brands who were already there and the newcomers They were lucky.”

“We’ve worked it out with all the stakeholders so I’m sure they’re here to stay, it’s not a temporary thing,” he said. Ben Sulayemwho recognized there was no chance of attracting automakers like Audi and Porsche if the rules hadn’t changed.

“If we [la FIA] we would not have modified the power units, we would not have given the possibility of bringing in new equipment. There is no way for a big manufacturer to come as a supplier if they don’t have the opportunity, nobody wants to come and be humiliated,” he added.

“In the negotiation there were many ups and downs, engaging all the time with Audi and the teams, as well as with Stefano [Domenicalli]so the results are fruitful,” said the FIA ​​president.

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