F1 Manager 2022: a video game for true F1 enthusiasts

F1 Manager 2022: a video game for true F1 enthusiasts

SFormula 1 fans have had a lot of fun with what’s been happening on the track in recent years, but a new video game has made its way into the hearts of motorsport fans: Responsible for F1 2022. Developed and published by Border developments (released in August), brings us a very different format from the classic Codemasters F1: You are no longer the pilot, you are now the Team Manager. From being Carlos Sainz to being Binotto, so that we understand each other.

In the first place, What caught my attention the most about F1 Manager 2022 is that it is an F1 game for F1 lovers. A video game that brings the best of traditional F1 (graphics, even improved…), licenses, fonts used on TV… and the stuff with what football lovers would say: “Wow, he’s a Football Manager but from F1.” That could be a good definition, no doubt.

And if we start the PC, we double-click on the F1 Manager 2022 and Play the video in HD with the F1 anthem at full throttle…they’ve already beaten us.

The first thing that strikes you in the video game is that when you enter, you are already watching a presentation video of what I know about F1. Just in case anyone dares to enter the world of automobiles without having a prior idea, or remembering past times with real images and a voiceover that tells what we see. Then, once you move forward and enter a new trajectory, we find a summary of each team before choosing who we will manage.

First things first: video games can be overwhelming. I confess. You have to go little by little and take the time to understand each window, each detail. It’s a very complete game and it’s not as simple as “enter and race”. What can be done, cut to the chase… but you will lose a lot of what F1 Manager 2022 has to offer.

If you want to take it little by little, don’t worry. At the start, you’ll have an “Advisor” with a voiceover who will tell you what each section is for and what you can do. Do not be sad. The season will be long.

Within the ‘New trajectory’, once the team has been chosen, you will find everything you need to feel like a real ‘Team Manager’. From managing employees, team facilities, sponsorships, budget, parts design and manufacturing…

All with a real calendar that will gradually move forward, covering the days until the Grand Prix weekend. This is when the “real fire” begins. The sessions are in real time (you can go at speed x1, x2, x4, x8…) and everything works. From practice (drivers must know the track, the car… so that their confidence grows) to Qualifying and the Race of course.

Although it may seem “strange” to us that we are not driving, we have almost total control over what happens. I say almost because we haven’t made any progress. There everything depends on the pilot, of course, but he is told what to do with the management of the tyres, the ERS or the fuel. More or less aggressive strategies.

Ultimately, a very complete video game that will allow us to discover from the inside how the Grand Cirque works. A recommended experience but which, at the same time, will require time in return.

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