+F1 The rulebook is stealing from us!

+F1 The rulebook is stealing from us!

Few times like in this Italian GP on the mythical and very fast circuit of Monza, the almost bureaucratic weight of the regulations removes all the attention, the emotion and the passion, BUT RECORD, HERE EVERYONE WAS INVOLVED in drafting the regulations: teams, FIA and the authoritarian Liberty Media, owners of F1.


Right off the bat, the spirit of the rule to put in a limited number of engines per season is sound to keep the spending cap per team lower, somewhat flattening the field between big, medium and small teams. So far everything is in order, but it now turns out that in two of the last three Grands PRIX, held in Belgium at SPA Francorchamps, and last Sunday at the legendary Monza – the fastest of the season where the possibility of overtaking is higher than many other circuits – up to 9 out of 20 drivers are penalized, making the grid a crossword game.


The next challenge for the ‘Regulations – Laughter Remover’ comes with the disappointing, boring and frustrating end of this ITALY GP behind the Safety CAR (SC).

Without a doubt, we have to accept that the Italian GP was dominated by MAX Verstappen doing “that” big race that we are used to, that of BEST DRIVER in the best CAR; however, races are won at the checkered flag.

Only 5 laps from the finish, Daniel Ricciardo crashes in his McLaren MERCEDES, the Safety Car reduces the advantages “to nothing” and in this case the injured party is MAX and his Red Bull, in favor of Leclerc and his Ferrari, as well as George Russell with his Mercedes. These are one hundred percent racing and regulatory issues. So far, everything is in order.


Let us remember that last season in the last GP held in ABU DHABI, in which the title of WORLD Champion was also disputed, in the absence of these same few laps, the one affected by the loss of the advantage was Lewis HAMILTON and his Mercedes in favor of Max VERSTAPPEN and his RED BULL after the accident of Nicolás LATTIFI in his Williams Williams which forced the Safety Car (SC).

With one lap to go, everything indicated that the Race Direction would make the decision it had taken this Sunday at MONZA. The maneuver to remove Ricciardo’s McLaren took longer than the 5 laps with SC, so we finished the Italian GP at low speed and without the possibility of overtaking.

This is where LEWIS entered the conversation this Sunday without being involved: “So there are two regulations?”, declared the Briton, recalling that with one lap to go, the Race Direction of Abu Dhabi 2021 had decided to allow the slowest cars to pass the SC. relaunch the race in “single file” where MAX brought better pace, better tires and thus overtook LEWIS by crowning WORLD CHAMPION 2021.

The issue is still under discussion without reaching an agreement; however, the regulations in effect then and now dovetail with MAX and his RED BULL.


Two different decisions in identical situations. This is where the FIA, F1 and the teams should come to an agreement for the benefit of all, primarily the millions of fans around the world. Set an exception to the rule if “that” accident happens with 5 laps to go or less, pull the race-stopping red flag out of the cupboard, call everyone to the pits while the track is cleared and then yes, the race would resume with 4 rounds or less. Literally everyone wins here by playing the squares under race conditions.


I do not pretend to be or know more than the officials, directors, specialists and members of the FIA ​​who were able to put this option on the table. It is simply a matter of pointing out in this space that YES THERE IS a solution that allows not to finish a GRAND PRIX behind an SC with the frustration of everyone, drivers, teams, officials, and of course millions of fans. Here we all lost and, as LEWIS says… two criteria to sanction the same situation and, for the record, I hope they DO NOT put VAR for the BIG F1 (local joke)… It’s is as simple as that…

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