F1 to expand FP2 to Japan and USA for Pirelli

F1 to expand FP2 to Japan and USA for Pirelli

Formula 1 Free Practice 2 weekends in Japan and the US will be extended for additional Pirelli testing.

Pirellithe only current Formula 1 tire supplier, is working to refine the 2023 face tyres, focusing on a more robust design to help counter understeer in current cars.

Although they have already worked and privately tested with some teams individually so far this season and still have a test planned with Red Bull Racing which will take place after Monza, they are keen to test prototype versions of the design 2023 at an event. .

Mario IsolaFormula 1 director at Pirelli, has revealed that second free practice at Suzuka and Austin will last an additional 30 minutes to give the teams time to test these tyres.

If any of these sessions are affected by rain, the Mexican Grand Prix FP2 will be used as an alternate option.

Speaking of ideas, isolated He hopes the longer sessions will allow teams to focus both on their preparations for the weekend and also on testing the 2023 prototype tyres.

“FP2 will be 90 minutes, not 60, so we have a bit more flexibility,” he explained. “In terms of the weekend, it will be very similar to a normal FP2 for them.”

“I think with the current plan, we have found a good solution at the moment. Obviously it’s the first time we’ve used this format, so we have to check if it works or not,” he said. added.

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“But the idea is to keep this type of testing in the future. So when we are in the European season, after a few races, Tuesday, Wednesday, we can count on the help of a few teams to test our tyres.”

Although the idea of ​​adjusting the duration of FP2, isolated he admitted there were still issues to discuss with the teams, such as engine mileage.

“Clearly we need to talk about the mileage of the power units as well, because we can’t increase their mileage from what their blueprints etc are,” he said.

“It’s complicated, because every time you find a solution, you also find problems. The idea of ​​using FP2 is good: you don’t force the teams to move to another place and you don’t does not force them to stay longer on a circuit.”

“But then you have to use the same car that you use for the rest of the weekend, with the same engine, so obviously mileage is an issue.

“Every time we have an idea, we have to discuss it for weeks to find a final solution that works for all parties,” concluded the de Pirelli.

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