F1: what did Tsunoda do to be sanctioned and penalized at Monza?

F1: what did Tsunoda do to be sanctioned and penalized at Monza?

Alpha Taurus Pilot Yuki Tsunoda received his fifth penalty of the year, so in the following race, the Italian Grand Prixnext sunday in Monzawill start with a penalty of 10 grid places.

The stewards of the Dutch Grand Prixin Zandvoort they considered that the pilot of AlphaTauri had driven in a dangerous manner.

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Although he had tire problems after a pit stop and eventually stopped his car in a dangerous area, the penalty was not issued for these reasons.

The driver was already unfastening his seat belt before heading to the pits. While he was stopped, mechanics worked in the cabin to tighten the seat belt that Tsunoda himself had loosened.

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Finally, after the final arrest, in Alpha Tauri it was found that the car had problems in the differential.

Being the fifth sanction received in the year by Tsunodayou will pay it at the start of the Italian Grand Prixin Monza, 10 places behind.

The Japanese driver received his fourth reprimand of the year at the Monaco Grand Prix in May. The sporting regulations provide that in the event of five penalties, a driver will receive a penalty on the grid at the next start.

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