Fernando Ortiz unhappy after Club America’s League Cup defeat

Fernando Ortiz unhappy after Club America’s League Cup defeat

Thursday, September 22, 2022

This Wednesday the feast of League Cup between him american club, where in the last minutes of the match the Eagles managed to equalize the duel with a score of 3-3. With this, they had the opportunity to reach the penalty shootout, so this is where the team ended their participation in the international competition.

Annotations during the match were made by Jürgen Damm, Miguel Layun and the last goal Romain Martinezwho entered the field of play as a replacement for Roger Martinez. It looked a bit different, since those who managed to score are those who don’t do so regularly or add to the starting lineup.

Fernando Ortiz’s disagreement with Club America

That is why at the end of the meeting during the press conference, Ferdinand Ortiz He spoke specifically about what happened with the team during the first half and that their operation had not been to his liking. Although the team was able to return when conditions weren’t optimal, the quarterback was uncomfortable.

“I didn’t like the first half, that’s the reality. This is not the team we have shown in the League, whatever their name is on the pitch,” he said.

It’s a bit complicated because Tano has taken on the task of showing that it doesn’t matter who the chosen ones are, in the end they all belong to the same team and must be prepared in these cases. And it is that the duel began with a squad composed mostly of substitutes and elements of the basic forces, so that on the march it was modified.

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