Ferrari already doubts Red Bull’s supposed new lighter chassis

Ferrari already doubts Red Bull’s supposed new lighter chassis

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In recent weeks Red Bull has been testing a new, lighter chassis for the RB18, although it ultimately didn’t make its debut at last weekend’s Belgian Grand Prix.

The team seems to have made the decision to field this new chassis at the Singapore Grand Prix, so it will not be used in the first treble after the summer break consisting of Belgium, the Netherlands and Italy. News about the new chassis of Red Bull They have already circulated in the paddock and the rivals of the Austrian team already seem to know what they will present in a few weeks.

At the end of the Spa-Francorchamps race, the Ferrari team manager, Mattia Binottohas released its review of the supposed new lighter chassis the RB18 will soon debut.

“I can’t know what they are doing, whether they have a lighter chassis or not. In general, the budget limit is always a concern,” admitted the Italian team manager.

Binotto pointed to the problem that the FIA ​​scrupulously controls team spending. Exceeding the budget cap would bring significant benefits, provided teams find a way to do so while avoiding the scrutiny of the governing body. A question of sporting fairness.

What is Mattia Binotto referring to? :

“I think we have already talked about it during this season, because now we have the technical, sporting and also financial regulations, which can make the difference between the teams because of the way they are interpreted and executed, and we know that the FIA ​​It must be very difficult to have an appropriate approach, otherwise the regulations themselves will not be fair and equitable”.

According to Mattia, Ferrari could not introduce a lighter chassis or make changes to the plan made since the start of the season precisely because of the budget limit, so the unknown on the chassis of Red Bull it’s getting more and more uncomfortable.

“Now I can’t judge them on how light a chassis is. But at Ferrari we can never introduce a lighter chassis or switch to a different strategy in a season, just for budgetary reasons, and I would be very surprised if another team could do it.”

“The reasons have to be found in the regulation itself: is it fair enough, is it fair enough, is the control effective? There are a lot of questions. As we said, at the moment c “It’s a very green regulation, the number of who control it within the FIA, it’s very low, so it has to improve for the future.”

“It would be really bad news if a Formula 1 world championship was somehow dictated by financial regulations and not technical and sporting regulations,” he concluded. Binotto.

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