Ferrari avoids talking about the World Cup: “We will go race by race”

Ferrari avoids talking about the World Cup: “We will go race by race”

Mattia Binotto says they will go race by race with the aim of improving

Acknowledges Red Bull has been far superior in Hungary and Belgium

Ferrari team boss Mattia Binotto stresses that the World Championship shouldn’t be the most important thing at the moment. In the Scuderia they will go race by race, aiming to be faster than their rivals and claim victory. Both in Belgium and Hungary they failed Red Bull and they need to know the reasons why.

Binotto applauds Red Bull’s work over the weekend as they were much quicker than the rest and took the win in convincing fashion. Both in Hungary and in Belgium they have been better than them, but as far as the Scuderia is concerned, he is happy with the job they have done. Of course, he believes that now is not the time to think about the World Cup, but to go race by race.

“Without a doubt, the Red Bulls were very fast, their performances were excellent and they also did very well in Hungary. They were better than us for two races, so we have to analyze and see in which areas we lose. I think we did an adequate job this weekend,” commented Binotto after the race in front of the Dazn Formula 1 microphones.

The World Cup shouldn’t be the topic of conversation right now. It’s hard to know where we’ll do well and where we won’t be as fast. We’re going race by race, trying to maximize the points, that’s the only thing we can do.”

Binotto acknowledges that no one at Ferrari will leave Belgium happy because they weren’t quick enough. Now it’s time to analyze what happened and come back stronger in a completely different circuit like Zandvoort.

“If you are slow, you cannot be satisfied with your work. The drivers felt good, but we weren’t fast enough this weekend. We have to see where we can catch the Red Bulls“, expressed Binotto to conclude.

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