Ferrari is already thinking in 2023, but there will be improvements in Singapore

Ferrari is already thinking in 2023, but there will be improvements in Singapore

Ferrari wants to break the hegemony of Red Bull in the final phase of the championship. The Austrians have five consecutive victories and above all a score of 13-3 in favor that is unacceptable for Maranello, who this year thought they could fight for the championship or at least worry Red Bull until the last moment.

Mattia Binotto is aware that at present the superiority of the RB18 is remarkable, even irreversible if there is no external factor to help it. But that’s not why he intends to stop trying… even if the priority at Maranello is clearly set for 2023.

For next year they need to correct a lot of things, for example to fix the clutch problem which the riders say is costing them a few meters at the start. This year they were unable to fix it as it required extensive intervention in the car

Two updates are planned by the end of the season. The first of them should be released in Singapore and concerns the floor of the car. Perhaps an evolution in line with what is planned for next year.

It is well known that in Monza there was a comparison between the ground at the start of the season and that in progress, in order to collect data and check the calibration of the design and development instruments.

It’s a necessary step in Singapore because Ferrari finds that when the asphalt is bumpy or pumped up and the car needs to be jacked up, the F1-75 suffers and the RB18 barely notices. For this reason, the FIA ​​​​directive which requires the car to be lifted off the ground has made it a “pupa”. And it is likely to be worse in 2023, when the minimum ground clearance must be even higher. It is therefore an evolution that should show the way forward for next year.

In Singapore, it is essential to go out in front. It’s a circuit where overtaking is very complicated and starting on pole can be decisive.

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