Ferrari, key day to clarify things

Ferrari, key day to clarify things

When you have a problem, it’s even worse if you don’t understand what’s happening to you. Without answers, it is impossible to resolve setbacks and work in the right direction so that they do not happen again. It is necessary to have a clear and concise diagnosis. You know it well Ferrariwhich after being largely surpassed by Red Bull and Max Verstappen in paths as different as Hungaroring, Spa-Francorchamps and Zandvoortt, seeks to find the key to solving their problems. It is true that, in front of its fans, Ferrari would like to focus only and exclusively on optimizing its car for this race in order to fight for everything, but above all, and now the Italian team must first reflect on the using a large part of free practice in the Italian F1 GP to collect important data in order to draw clear conclusions.

The typology of this track, at minimum load and maximum speed, means that Ferrari can try to figure out what happened to him Spa-Francorchamps in the race on Sunday, where tire degradation was once again worse than expected, as was his pace.

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For it, carlos sainz He clarified at a press conference on Thursday the capital importance of free practice on Friday and FP3 on Saturday.

“We are coming from a difficult weekend at Spa with low loads and we still need to understand what happened at Spa and Zandvoort. Friday and Free Practice 3 will be important sessions to test things with the car.”stressed the Madrid native, pointing above all to the pace of the race.

“Personally, I feel more confident, especially in qualifying, but In race pace there are things we still need to figure out and we need to see what we can do better to be more competitive. Compared to Mercedes we have seen that they have made a very big leap forward and Red Bull have done a great job in the last few races,” explained Carlos.

Soil Facts & Comparisons

It is expected that Ferrari make comparisons between the soil of France and the old version to understand the path of its development, and they will also test the different possibilities of the new aerodynamic package brought specifically for the characteristics of Monza.


Ferrari wants to understand why its race pace was not good at Spa

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In turn, it remains to be seen whether Carlos Sainz mounts his new engine from this Friday carry out the corresponding tests before putting it at maximum speed during the weekend. We must remember that if he mounts this new engine, with greater power due to the new electric part, it will start the Spaniard again on Sunday and he will have to come back.

The track woke up wet

The weather seems to hold up and allow him to carry out these tests on a dry track. It rained this morning and the asphalt woke up wet. It should fill with rubber over the minutes. The expected track improvement as more rubber is added to the track could complicate data analysis for Ferrari, as these comparisons and tests are best done on tarmac that remains level. However, Ferrari will try to put all the meat on the grill in this important test before focusing on putting on the best possible performance in front of their fans at Monza.

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