Ferrari was not wrong to stop Leclerc during virtual safety car

Ferrari was not wrong to stop Leclerc during virtual safety car

Horner admits they would have quit if Ferrari hadn’t come forward

Red Bull were superior for pure pace, regardless of strategy

Sebastian Vettel’s retirement on lap 11 created a stoppage opportunity. Even though it was very early, Ferrari risked and stopped Charles Leclerc. Mattia Binotto explains that it was the right decision, as they found it was impossible to beat Red Bull with the same strategy. In fact, Christian Horner agreed with them at the end of the race and confessed that if they hadn’t stopped, they would have.

Ferrari was once again the target of much criticism for stopping Charles Leclerc so early. However, Christian Horner defends that it was also an option that they managed if the Scuderia had not moved forward.

“We understood why they did it. I think we just had a faster car. I think strategically they made a good decision. I think we just had a faster package today, so I think we would have won the race anyway“, commented Horner after the race according to the American web portal

Binotto insists they weren’t wrong: if they wanted to beat Max Verstappen, they had to try something different. However, that wasn’t enough as Red Bull were impossible to beat not by strategy but by sheer pace.

“Looking back, we think that It was the right decision when the safety car intervened at this point in the race. We knew Charles had good pace, but Max had better tire degradation and was already faster than us. If we had stayed on the same strategy as him, with one stoppage, he would have beaten us sooner or later,” explained Binotto.

“So the only chance for us was to somehow change the strategy. We were a bit unlucky as the virtual safety car stopped while we were still in pit lane, so we didn’t get all the possible benefits of the virtual safety car, but overall i think max was faster and impossible to beat“, expressed the boss of Ferrari to close.

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