Ferrari will be painted yellow for the Italian Grand Prix

Ferrari will be painted yellow for the Italian Grand Prix

Ferrarione of motorsport’s most iconic teams, has announced that it will use yellow as its main color throughout the week, before and during the weekend of Italian Grand Prixon the occasion of the anniversary of the National Autodrome of Monza.

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Through their social networks, those of the “crawling horse” announced the campaign “Colors of our history” where they say that to commemorate 100 years of traditional construction, which is its home, to the representative red of the F1-75 single-seater, some yellow details will be added, such as the front and rear fenders, the halo and the engine cover.

In addition, Carlos Sainz and Charles Leclerc will both use color in their cases and in their pilot suits.

On another side, the Ferrari party also extends off the track with the launch of a special clothing collection called “Giallo Modena Special Edition”which includes shirts, beach caps and even goggles used by the pilots, of course all of them with yellow details to a lesser extent and more.

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The reality is that andhe yellow color was Ferrari’s main color when the historic Enzo Ferrari founded the team in 1929.

However, years later, the International Association of Recognized Automobile Clubs established red as the official color of Italian racing cars. Even if he didn’t like it, Enzo accepted in order to continue the projection of his team to become what it is today.

It should be noted that in addition to celebrating the 100 of the Monza circuit, throughout 2022 Ferrari celebrated the 75th anniversary of its creation within the automotive industry. That’s why this season’s car is called F1-75.

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