Ferrari will use an old wing at Monza to be faster on the straights

Ferrari will use an old wing at Monza to be faster on the straights

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The war for the technical development of the 2022 Formula 1 season has reached levels where teams are looking for new solutions to scratch any thousandth. However, regulations introduced to control spending have forced teams to update on different weekends with parts that are actually reused.

This is what will happen with Ferrari in its home race, at the Italian Grand Prix, where Prancing Horse they will feature the old spec they put on the Spa-Francorchamps track, where low downforce was essential to reach high top speeds.

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However, the Maranellois did not test this item in the race, only in free practice, where they ruled out its use on Sunday due to what appeared to be car balance issues.

In the ‘Temple of Speed’ they could make available to you the rear wing that the engineers of Enrico Cardile They were designed to return to the top after their last triumph in Austria with Charles Leclerc.

The reason why Ferrari chose not to continue with this wing is that with the introduction of the new technical regulations which forced the single-seaters to increase their distance from the ground, the F1-75 lost downforce. . In Belgium, the Italians had to abandon this first option to revert to the Bahrain setup, although they still haven’t tuned the car to perfection.

At home in Monza, where efficiency takes precedence over load, they will once again have the opportunity to attack the track with a almost flat spoiler and a reduced movable flap which, however, has a bend on the trailing edge.

The gurney flag you have to find the grip on the entrances and exits of the variants, while on the straights the flow will pass over the carbon step that they have added.

Some talk about going back to the chassis with less evolution to see if certain weak points of the car are due to the latest evolutions, which would not have given the expected results, but in Ferrari they point to the highest of the rest of the season, as indicated by their manager

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