Ferrero: ‘The first time I saw Alcaraz he made a big mess’

Ferrero: ‘The first time I saw Alcaraz he made a big mess’

Juan Carlos Ferrero is one of the main reasons that can explain the meteoric rise of Carlos Alcaraz. The Murcian coach is his faithful daily assistant, and his experience has nurtured a tennis player who is still only 19 years old. The former world number one (like his pupil, he succeeded after the US Open) confided in the media in the press room after Carlitos’ triumph at the US Open. Proud of his student, Juanki told some anecdotes from the past and praised the way of being of Alcaraz and its environment. These are Ferrero’s words to the Spanish media there, present, AS among them.

Emotion: “I was thinking of my father, who passed away recently and I would have liked him to benefit from these experiences as well because he loved tennis and enjoyed it a lot. He came to mind.”

Beginnings with Alcaraz: “I met him when I was 12 or 13, he came to the academy and we even trained one day. He was very small, but everyone was already talking about him and he had everything he has now, but in a modest way. He went to the net, the drop shots, he smiled on the court, he got very excited… Officially, I went to see him when he got his first point ATP, at the age of 14. I saw this match, in which he played one set very well and in the second he made a big mess, but it was already clear that at 14 and without physical, he competed with very tough rivals for him.There had not yet been contacts to work together.

Player experience: “I think having played and having had important experiences on the circuit helped me know how to bring it quite directly to where we wanted. I think at the beginning it was very important to create a very strong team so that I have a lot of confidence in everyone, not just myself, and to work together. Compliments are appreciated, of course. It’s a long process, many hours, but with that kind of stuff, it’s worth it”.

How is Alcaraz: “Carlos is as he appears, he has no second personality. He shows a lot of character when he hears something he doesn’t want to hear, which almost always comes from me, he calls me the man But he learns, he might not like it and react, but then he learns. On the track, you often see him react to things he doesn’t like, but then he learns. He’s a very simple and humble boy, and we have to work to keep him that way, because such drastic changes are never easy. But having been there, I also think I can give you a lot of help to move forward. I always said that he had a spectacular family that helped keep his feet on the ground. Just now his father was telling him that he had to keep his feet on the ground. It is very significant that his father knows exactly what to do.

Things to improve: “It’s a lot of things. The rest, the serve, the backhand on some occasions too, the regularity, trying not to leave mentally at certain times… They are small that, until we retire “No, they always try to improve those weak points that all players have. Of course, no one is perfect, neither is Carlos. He will always have his little weak points, which are the ones he has to know and work on” .

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