FIA to test DRS on banked corner at Zandvoort

FIA to test DRS on banked corner at Zandvoort

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The DRS it is an element that was introduced in Formula 1 during the 2011 season with the aim of creating more interesting races. The objective of this mobile spoiler which activates less than a second from the car in front at the detection point, is only used in a restricted area of ​​the track, always in a straight line, to avoid the loss of aerodynamic load at high speeds which can cause accidents.

Years ago, drivers could activate DRS anywhere on the track during free practice or qualifying, but for the race it was always on a section marked by the FIA.

What will happen in the Zandvoort F1 race in 2022?:

Now, regardless of session, cars would only open the moving wing on the straights, although for the 2022 Dutch Grand Prix the international federation will run a trial to implement DRS on the corners fast.

The one-man board director, Nikolas Tombazisconfirmed at Viaplay that they will use the first free practice on the Zandvoort circuit to investigate the behavior of the DRS if it opens in the middle of the corner, which in principle could be quite dangerous, but it would improve the action considerably in race with greater activation distance.

“The idea is that we are going to have the DRS before the last corner, so soon, to improve the racing in Zandvoort a bit,” he explained. “But we are keeping an open mind about it and we will ask the teams for their opinion.”

“We have already asked them in the simulations, but also after FP1 we will ask them for their opinion, and if we see that there is a risk, even if it is remote, for safety, it is obvious that we will have to take take action and change it,” Tombazis said.

However, the DRS will not be the only key factor in the Dutch event, as the great stress generated by this inclined curve could make the tires Pirelli suffer excessively. When the director of the Italian company responsible for supplying tires to Formula 1 was questioned, Mario IsolaHe said: “I hope, and it has become clear in some races, that the cars can follow each other more closely and also find overtaking opportunities.

“Normally when the DRS opens the load is transferred to the front, so the front tires are stressed much more compared to the rear,” the Pirelli official said when the possibility was put on the table. that during the race they can open in DRS in the inclined curve.

“So we have to check the data after this test to understand if in this state the rears are skidding, if we have an overheating of the surface or what is the load at the front, but it’s a bit difficult at the moment to do an adequate prediction,” Isola said.

“We know that Zandvoort is quite difficult to pass. Here [en Spa] That situation didn’t happen, we had a lot of action on the track,” he admitted. “Hopefully with the selection we’ve made we’ll have a bit more overtaking. The big difference compared to last year is that we went for the C1, C2 and C3, and we know that the new C1 lacks a bit of grip.”

“That’s why for next year we’re developing a new C1 with a bit more grip. If that’s the case on a short lap like Zandvoort, which is similar to what happened in Budapest, then maybe the tougher one won’t fit.” option for the race and the teams will focus on the medium and the soft”, concluded the Italian.

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