FIFA appoints ‘Normalization Commission’ for El Salvador

FIFA appoints ‘Normalization Commission’ for El Salvador

The body announced the composition of the committee responsible for taking the reins of Salvadoran football, due to its institutional crisis

Almost a month after the letter sent by Fifa announced that he would appoint a “Standardization Commission” to solve the problems that led to Salvadoran soccer Faced with an unprecedented institutional crisis, the body that governs world football has communicated again. In a letter dated August 27, 2022 and sent to the email of the communication department of the Salvadoran Football Federation (FESFUT), Fifa announces the composition of what they call “regularization commission“to manage, as the highest authority, football in The Savior.

This committee will be made up of four people, and depending on Sources of ESPNthey do not come from the established structures of the Salvadoran soccer. The chairman of the committee will be Marin Humberto Saenz. He is a 48-year-old lawyer, with a doctorate in private law from the Autonomous University of Barcelona and the Dr. José Matías Delgada University, currently a partner in a law firm. Marin Saenz will be accompanied by Fernando Arguello Tellez, Louis Segovia there Henry Orellana. These will have to be ratified by passing what the letter calls “an aptitude test” which will be carried out by the Fifa.

The letter describes the functions of the regularization committee which, the letter adds, will exercise the same for twelve months. The date set for the dissolution of this committee is August 29, 2023. Assuming that Fifa and Concacaf consider that the objective for which it was created has been achieved. The tasks, as specified in the letter, will be as follows:

  • Manage daily activity FESFUT;

  • Carefully review the statutes of the FESFUT (and other regulations if necessary) and ensure that they fully comply with the requirements contained in the Articles of Association Fifa and Concacaf before submitting them for the approval of the Congress of the FESFUT;

  • Carry out a complete audit of the company’s finances FESFUT establishing the entity’s current financial position and establishing mechanisms and processes that ensure good financial governance practices;

  • Establish an ideal structure for the proper management of development funds that Fifa and Concacaf, in a way that allows the appropriate investment of these in the Salvadoran soccer;

  • Organize and conduct elections to the Executive Committee of the FESFUT for a period of four years, solely in accordance with the new statutes of the FESFUT.

The activity of Salvadoran soccer detained since July 15, when the prosecution of this country searched the facilities of the FESFUT and that, contrary to what the statutes of the Fifaa state disciplinary court suspended nearly all members of the executive committee of the FESFUT. Again Fifa responded with the threat of suspension Salvadoran soccer if the regularization commission set up by the Institute of Sports (INDES) was not dissolved. This committee barely functioned for two days and then Fifa communicated what we know today: the establishment of a regularization commission.

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