FIFA President confirms number of Concacaf places for 2026 World Cup

FIFA President confirms number of Concacaf places for 2026 World Cup

World football’s top official hopes Guatemala can attend next game

CITY OF GUATEMALA — During his recent visit to Guatemala, FIFA President Gianni Infantino confirmed the number of places that Concacaf will have for the World Cup 2026.

The meeting will take place in a room shared with Canada, United States and Mexico as hosts. In addition, the number of participants will increase from 32 to 48, in a World Cup that promises an unprecedented experience.

Of those locations, Infantino commented that six will be for the region. Three for the hosts, who qualify automatically and three who will be in play in the Concacaf World Cup qualifiers, the competition format of which is not yet known.

The region will also be eligible for two more World Cup tickets, through either the Continental Qualifiers or the Qualifiers. In total, Concacaf could have up to eight teams at the 2026 World Cup.

“The 2026 World Cup, which will take place in North America (United States, Mexico and Canada), Concacaf will have six places, plus two who will play in the playoffs, So eight teams that can qualify for this World Cup. Well, that must be a goal for a team like Guatemala. You have to work on this goal,” said Gianni Infantino.

The senior FIFA official spent two days in Guatemala City. He met with the main players in federated football, held a meeting with the executive committee of the National Football Federation of Guatemala and had lunch with Alejandro Giammattei, President of the Republic.

Infantino offered his support for the development of football in Guatemala, expressed to the country’s president the need for a modern stadium and said that the infrastructure, as well as supporting boys and girls who practice sport is fundamental.

During his stay in the country, he was accompanied by Jillian Anne Ellis (women’s football), Arsène Wenger (football development) and Pierluigi Collina (refereeing).

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