FIFA ratifies that Byron Castillo is qualified to play for Ecuador

FIFA ratifies that Byron Castillo is qualified to play for Ecuador

Only one day, out of the 20 provided for by regulation, was the Appeal Board of the FIFA will give its decision on the appeal lodged by the Chilean Federation on the nationality of Byron Castillo.

After analyzing the documentation received from the parties, the Appeal Commission endorsed the decision of the Disciplinary Commission to close the investigation of the case opened against the FEF.

According to the official document“based on the documentation received, among other considerations, it was considered that the player should be considered a holder of permanent Ecuadorian nationality, in accordance with art. 5, par. 1 of the Regulations implementing the Statutes of FIFA”.

The player failed to show up for the hearing he was summoned to on Thursday, September 14 to respond to the new complaint over a broadcast audio in which the player, Castillo, allegedly made statements.

Castillo appeared in eight qualifying matches and Chile and Peru awaited a disqualification decision from Ecuador to take the French spot.

The official documentation, with FIFA’s resolution, was published by Francisco Egas, president of the Ecuadorian Football Federation, on his social networks.

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