Floyd Mayweather and the criticism he leveled at Canelo after his last fight

Floyd Mayweather and the criticism he leveled at Canelo after his last fight

Money slammed PPV sales volume in Canelo vs. GGG fight (Picture: Getty Images)

The third fight of the rivalry between Saul Canello Alvarez there Gennady Golovkin It generated all kinds of reactions. While some characters were happy with the end result, another sector criticized the lack of entertainment between the protagonists. Who stood out the most was Floyd Mayweatherbecause the American attacked the Mexican after knowing the numbers of the Sales Pay per view (PPV).

According to statements issued by Mayweather himself, they sent him a report where he managed to confirm that the brawl on September 17, 2022 at the T-Mobile Arena could only sell 500,000 PPV subscriptions. In that regard, he felt that was an extremely low number for a boxer of Canelo Álvarez’s stature and compared himself to him.

“They should be on top. should sell one million subscriptions (…) The numbers that set records have changed. They just gave me a report on the fight Canello and someone sent me an item that didn’t sell 500 thousand houses (…) This has changed radically. With Logan Paul, I was able to sell a million houses, which was good. Pay-per-view has changed drastically and people are finding ways to watch fights without paying. It really hurts the fighters,” he said.

It’s been four years since the boxers met for the second time, but PPV sales for their bout have suffered a steep decline. According to information provided by the American journalist Dan Rafael, in the first fight, the expectation was such that 1.3 million of people in the United States bought the rights to see the fight live and live from Las Vegas.

A year later, when the Canello was imposed by decision, the number of PPV purchases experienced a drop with 1.1 million officers in the land of stars and stripes. On the contrary, in the most recent fight, the number saw a noticeable drop with 1.06 million buys worldwide, since the reporter estimated that the figure in the United States is between 550,000 and 575,000 users.

If these data are confirmed, the rivalry between Canello Alvarez and Gennady Golovkin would have stopped attracting more than half of the inhabitants of the North American country who saw them fight in 2018. Although one of the determining factors could be the low expectation or the decline in popularity of the Mexican, there are other causes that could explain the decrement.

Saúl Álvarez retained his undisputed crown at 168 pounds against Floyd Mayweather (Photo: Joe Camporeale/REUTERS)
Saúl Álvarez retained his undisputed crown at 168 pounds against Floyd Mayweather (Photo: Joe Camporeale/REUTERS)

According to the statements of Silver, piracy could have been another of the elements that triggered the drop in sales. And it is that, compared to 2017 and 2018, in 2022 there are many more platforms and pages on the Internet that could have allowed the live broadcast of the fight without having to pay a single peso for it.

The loss of users who pay to watch the fight on TV or on the internet too directly affects boxers earnings. Because part of its income depends on the number of PPVs sold, having recorded less than half of the subscriptions of the second fight, both Canello as Golovkin They could have had millionaire losses.

Prior to the brawl, various sources pointed out that the guaranteed profit for the Mexican would be $10 millionalthough it may increase up to $65 million in case of having reached sales levels similar to those of 2017 and 2018. In this sense, the income of the undisputed champion of 168 pounds could have undergone a notable modification.


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