Forgive me Pumas fans

Forgive me Pumas fans

The goalkeeper expressed mixed feelings after giving the rival a goal and earning the draw at the last minute.

Julio González after scoring his goal with Pumas.
© Imago7Julio González after scoring his goal with Pumas.

Something historic has happened in the field of Toluca. The Pumas had the advantage, but two goals from Jean Meneses left the felines at a disadvantage. The fans even criticized Julio González, goalkeeper of the team that delivered the 2-1, until exhaustion. However, he came on to finish at the last minute, headed in and saved the tie for his team.. At the end, he apologized to the feline fans.

“It’s not worth it if we don’t beat Cruz Azul. We have three finals and we need to get the nine points. Sorry for the mistake and it’s me. Whether I was right or wrong, I always do my best for my team. We know we have a duty, but we will give everything to reach the playoffs,” he told TUDN.

The feline keeper was honest and admitted he deserved a closure like the one he got. For him, apart from the error, he had a great game in goal. He even jokingly said he hoped there would be more goals later in his career. He acknowledged that it didn’t matter if he did the same or any of his teammates.

Be sincere

“We didn’t deserve to lose. I had made a bad mistake. The goal I scored saved the game. I deserved it because a mistake hurt my team. Every goalkeeper knows that when he makes a mistake he goes to the crook. Whether it was me, a defender or the nine, the joke was that we equalized. It hurt me a lot because I think it was a good game. May he be the first of many.”

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