Formula 1 drives Rosberg

Formula 1 drives Rosberg

It’s been a little over a week since the ship carrying all the material to celebrate the xPrice of Male Copper in your port and now it is the pilots who land on Latin American territory to act in Extreme E’s first visit to Chile. Antofagasta will host the fourth race of a season where the current champion continues to reign. And given the dominance of Rosberg’s team, both Chip Ganassi’s structure and the Activate Sainz XE Team They will have to launch their offensive to avoid a new spoiler.

The difference between the top three rests on a figure of 33 points which, if promoted, would give RXR a new championship following placing “all things in a good way”. During a meeting with the press, Nico Rosberg revealed the secret of their success in a category unknown to all, but in which they knew “duplicate a lot of what they do in F1 to avoid problems and have better reliability, that’s why we are very strong”.

The German does not hide when talking about the field they have established in the contest, but he must not forget the intentions with which the others arrive in general and the Acciona Sainz duo in particular. Carlos and Laia’s season so far has been weighed down by small doses of bad luck that both want to leave behind. “We are one of the most competitive teams”, says the Spaniard bluntly, while the Madrilenian admits his progress in a season where he has always been “among the three fastest teams in the category”: “Last year we had countless problems, but Laia has improved a lot and I think we have a much better setup with the car. We continue with the objective of achieving a victory this year And that’s what we’re working for.”

Is Rosberg’s structure then its greatest rival for this triumph? Sainz rules it out: “Our great enemy is always this dust which, according to the sites, makes melee combat difficult. In the case of the next xPrix, the terrain is still an unknown: “I don’t know exactly what we will find in Chile, if it will be very smooth or if it will be very brittle, but we will try to turn off the car as much as possible by type of terrain and from there we will try to have a good race”.

“Let’s give it all”

We will also have to count on other guests such as cup it the X44, with Cristina Guitérrez and Loeb at the helm, in a plateau that hopes to strengthen at the end of the season: “It’s a very tight championship until the end” and which gives them options to lift the crown. The Hamilton duo sit fourth overall and the Burgos woman eagerly awaits the outcome of a run that reaches its home stretch “with more involvement to be able to win.” “We are going to give everything for these two races,” he said, on how to face the visit of a stage which, as the category founder explained, Alejandro Agag, was chosen to demonstrate how “the future of Extreme E is hydrogen”: “The message in Chile is based on the importance of raw materials for the mobility transition. And without a doubt, copper is one of those raw materials that is going to have more importance in the transition to electric cars.

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