From legend to legend: the most symbolic message Federer received

From legend to legend: the most symbolic message Federer received

the world of tennis continues in shock after the announcement of one of the greatest legends of the racket. With Federer’s farewell, an era closes in the world not only of tennis, but of sport. The Swiss was much more than a very good tennis player, He is a symbol, an icon at the media level and a figure that will remain in eternity.. His elegance, his style, unique on the circuit, combined with an almost unrivaled charisma make Rofer Federer a character who will go down in history as one of the most influential personalities in the history of the world of sport.

all this explains the incessant cascade of messages, tributes and recognitions that the Swiss myth has received on a planetary level. The news of his retirement has crossed all possible boundaries and it is that even in the most remote places of the world there is an admirer of Roger Federer. Without a doubt, the most awaited message It was that of his “friend and rival” Rafa Nadal, but among this barrage of farewells you can find messages from rivals, colleagues, locals and strangers, where another tennis player also stands out, who, like the Swiss and the Balearics, was number one in the world.

It is neither more nor less than Andre Agassi, the American, as a rival who was the Swiss, also wanted to show his admiration publicly and recognition to the king of the slopes. “Your game and your mind have taught us how beautiful tennis can be played, Federer. Every moment you shared made us all better. Thank you RF.” The American and the Swiss have shared a rivalry up to eleven times on the court, with a very positive record for Federer (8-3), the last of them being in the 2005 US Open finalwhen the Swiss won his second title in New York.

Note that the one in Las Vegas was number one up to four times (between 1995 and 2003) adding a total of 101 weeks at the top of the chart. Despite the fact that the American statistics are extraordinary (eight Grand Slam tournaments), they remain in “bad” ranges compared to Roger Federer’s 20, which allows us to see the achievements of the Swiss with hindsight. With this post, Agassi surrenders to the category and numbers of a Federer who, surely, still has hundreds of tributes everywhere he goes.

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