From supporting cast to NFL Week 2 figureheads

From supporting cast to NFL Week 2 figureheads

In his Week 2 Sunday activity recap, Javier Trejo Garay highlights the quarterbacks who unexpectedly shone on Day 2

The friends of ESPNthe week 2 of NFL –not to vary– brought us several surprises.

But in this championship, the “surprises” are a constant and this Sunday, some still presented themselves.

Nice comebacks and unexpected victories, which ended up “breaking the chickens” but allow me to highlight some quarterbacks who, due to their modest role, finished Sunday with performances to supervise.

Tagovailoaled a 21-point comeback against the crows, to link a franchise brand. Also in 2005 Miami came from behind from that difference to give him the victory against the Invoices.

Tagovailoa is a quarterback who, since the previous season, has assumed the role of starter with the Dolphins, leaving several doubts, but this Sunday he offered his best performance as a professional and despite two interceptions he managed six assists touchdown to leave on the way to crows in Baltimore.

Detroit didn’t have to come back to get the win against the Commanders. In fact, throughout the match, they were in front of the scoreboard.

Goffwho is in his second season with the “motor city” team, had a perhaps not memorable, but very effective day leading an offense that resulted in 256 passing yards and four touchdowns.

what about Detroit offensively, it’s for attention, because he has a great running attack with By Andre Swift there jamal williamsand a dangerous aerial attack with Amon-Ra St. Brownwho had two touchdown receptions.

For the second game in a row, Detroit scored at least 35 points.

Raise your hand, who remembers Flacco with the crows won a superbowl?

The veteran passer obtained, just after this match, a contract which made him the highest paid player in the NFL. After this salary achievement, Flacco “He disappeared”.

In the absence of the young quarterback of the Jets, Zach Wilson, Flacco he showed up when New Yorkers returned to the Browns.

It is true that the Jets they had their special teams unit to give the attack a chance to come back, but Flacco Cress filled in with this winning streak.

No. 5 of Jets He finished with just over 300 yards, four touchdowns and no interceptions, updating a 13-point difference.

We can not say that Murray he is a “supporting actor”, not only because he is the starting quarterback, but also because of his salary which has made him one of the highest paid.

MurrayAlso, let us remember that during his time as a schoolboy he won the Hesimann Trophy.

But, to be honest, Murray he is also not considered an elite quarterback.

Well, this Sunday, the elusive quarterback gave a talk about the return of Arizona on Vegas.

Except your best opinion, Murray He gave his best game since joining the NFL.

Led by 16 points in the fourth quarter, Murray He managed to lead his team to two touchdowns with their respective two-point conversions. One of the touchdowns was made by the quarterback himself and also one of the conversations to tie the game and take it to overtime, where the Cardinals they scored again. That’s to say, Arizona he scored three touchdowns, with no response from the Raiders.

Not that he had a historic performance, but the second team quarterback of the Cowboys he did enough to preserve the victory against the bengalstriumph which, before starting the meeting, seemed unlikely.

Rush He finished with 235 passing yards and a single touchdown pass, figures that scare no one, but in any case he did not seem to regret having taken the place of the unfortunate. Dak Prescott on the Texas attack.

Rush made no mistake and after the bengals tied the game, led the offense that went the distance for the game-winning field goal.

what about ‘Jimmy G.‘ may not fall 100% into that category of supporting actor, because except in his best opinion, the veteran quarterback is a starter upstaged by the head coach’s desire to San Francisco, Kyle Shanahanto orient his offensive system towards a more dynamic attack and therefore the choice of Trey Lance to lead the Gambusina offensive.

Garoppolo already played even one Super Bowl.

As you know it, Spear he will miss the whole season with a broken ankle, a sad situation that opens the door to Garoppolo regain a leading role in the team.

His 134 yards and a single touchdown pass aren’t worth the headlines, but in any case, he’s done enough to beat a division rival and also his return to the first team will be enough to prove his worth.

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