Gerard Pique is again mocked in support of Shakira

Gerard Pique is again mocked in support of Shakira

Despite his warning, Gerard pricks don’t see yours and fans of Shakira they are ready to support their favorite singer wherever they are. After the love story of the Colombian and the footballer began during the World Cup in South Africa and she dedicated several songs to him, including “I fell in love”, it seems that the ground of game has become the perfect place to remember Pique, who is the favorite in this heartbreaking story.

(Gerard Pique and Shakira / EFE)

In July this year, Gerard Pique was mocked harshly during an exhibition match between Barcelona and Real Madrid held in Las Vegas, Nevada, and it was that the public no longer seemed important to the performance of the athlete, but for the alleged infidelity that he committed against Shakira, so the participants were quick to report his presence on the field.

And it happened again. Pique and his football team came across a group of fans who failed to notice a song by the Colombian being sung in the middle of a sports fair over the weekend. Through social media, the GCF Scotland team posted a video of people singing “Waka-Waka” during the match against Fútbol Club Andorra, which Pique owns.

so during prick tries to warn the press that he will take legal action to protect himself, the public will continue to boo the footballer, all in the name of Shakira.

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