Gerardo Martino is a great coach, but aren’t there Mexican coaches?

Gerardo Martino is a great coach, but aren’t there Mexican coaches?

Manuel Lapuente questioned the presence of a foreign coach in the Mexican national team which, according to him, should be led by a

Manuel Lapuentewho was the technical director of Mexican team during the 1998 World Cup in France, spoke in an exclusive interview with José Ramón Fernández and David Faitelson of ESPN on the current process Gerard Martino at the head of the national representative and, despite respecting the work of the Argentine strategist, clarified that, for him, priority should always be given to someone from the country and not to a foreigner.

Are there no Mexican technicians? I don’t say anything bad about Gerard Martino. He’s a great coach, I know it, I know him and I know his background, but aren’t there any Mexican coaches? You know better than me, aren’t there any more? So why do we want a foreigner in our selection? It’s not worth it, I say it’s not worth it. With all due respect to foreigners, I’m not chauvinistic and never will be, but the Mexican team a Mexican should wear it,” replied Manuel Lapuente in spicy football.

The experienced strategist, who was also a multi-champion in Liga MX with Rayos del Necaxa and took Mexico to the round of 16 at the 1998 World Cup in France where they were knocked out by Germany, made it clear that he had nothing against Gerard Martinobut in a Q&A with David Faitelson, he hinted that the problem is “from above (the federations)” to choose someone from Argentina over a Mexican coach, ending with a “and then who’s it going to?” when the journalist ESPN reminded him of the nationality of ‘Auntie’.

Despite this, Manuel Lapuente He reiterated that with days to go before the start of the World Cup in Qatar, a coach who at the time managed teams like Barcelona and representative teams like his country and Paraguay should be cleared to work.

“I dare not (talk about his management) because Martino he is an excellent technician. If he’s already there, then we have to give him a chance and strength.”

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