Goals and summary of Manchester City 6-0 Nottingham Forest in the Premier League | 08/31/2022

Goals and summary of Manchester City 6-0 Nottingham Forest in the Premier League | 08/31/2022

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We hope you enjoyed this great game between Manchester City and Nottingham Forest, continue on VAVEL to learn more about the Premier League and the sports world.

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Summary of matches

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The game ends with a great win for Pep Guardiola’s side who absolutely dominated the whole game.

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Manchester City’s deadly counter-attack led by De Bruyne ends with Ávlarez scoring with a powerful shot to the near post.

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Change of city: Stone leaves and Lewis takes his place.

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Great filtered pass from Mahrez to Álvarez who enters the box alone and defines with a powerful cross shot.

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City game from the right which is well stopped thanks to the timely sweep of Williams in the last instance.

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Long shot from Bernardo Silva with his left foot which ends up in the hands of Henderson without complications.

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Barely five minutes after the start of the supplementary game, Manchester City’s fourth goal fell with a play from Carvalho’s right which found Cancelo at the entrance to the area and the latter unleashed a very powerful strike which went into the angle of the goal. .

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Cross that Ederson captures easily and ends the first half.

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Alvarez’s shot that moves side to side outside the box and the ball hits the base of the post.

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After two headers in the area, the ball finds Haaland, who scores his third goal tonight. It’s a HAT-TRICK for the Norwegian footballer!

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Great shot from City that finds Haaland in the box, who delays the ball to find a finisher but the Forest defense covers well.

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Free kick that Haaland finds in the box with his head and in the second instance Stones finishes inside the goal but the referee cancels this action to be irrelevant.

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Great play from Haaland who leads the team’s attack until receiving Foden’s last pass in the small area with hardly any goalkeepers to score his second of the afternoon.

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Haaland found an assist from Foden in the box and sent it into the net.

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City started to press in the upper zone but Nottingham burst all the balloons.

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The match begins at the Etihad Stadium!

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It will be arbitration

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Huge offensive difference

While the hosts scored a total of 13 goals in four games, the visiting team only scored a few goals. This is also reflected in the ball possession percentage with 73% and 48% respectively.

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Nottingham already recognizes the pitch

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Nottingham Forest formation confirmed

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Manchester City roster confirmed

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Visitors are already on the ground

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Everything in perfect condition

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The live broadcast begins

In a few moments, we’ll have all the details, line-ups and more from the match between Manchester City and Nottingham Forest. Stay with us!

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In a few moments, we’ll bring you all previous match information, stats, breaking news and minute-by-minute Manchester City vs Nottingham Forest Matchday 5 of the Premier League 2022-2023.
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Yes there is history in the FA Cup

The last time these teams met was in 2009 in the oldest competition in world football. On this occasion, the win was a surprise for Nottingham Forest, knocking out the Citizens with a convincing 3-0 scoreline. The annotations at that time were the work of Tyson, who opened the scoring at 38 ‘, Earnshaw at 42 and already in the second half Garner put final numbers at 75 minutes, qualifying for the knockout stages.

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Unprecedented duel in the Premier League

It will be the first time these two teams meet as newly promoted Nottingham Forest, so it could be said that it would be a sporting achievement to beat Manchester City this afternoon, an already established team and current Premier League champions.

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How and where to watch Manchester City vs Nottingham

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Nottingham’s latest lineup

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The latest city program

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Watch out for this Nottingham player

12:01 4 hours ago

Watch out for this Manchester City player

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Nottingham goal

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Manchester City seek top spot

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The match will be played at the Etihad

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Manchester as favorite

It will be a match in which the Manchester side look largely dominant, being in second place in the general table with 10 points out of a possible 12.
On the other hand, recently promoted Nottingham side will be looking for their second win of the tournament and come out of a two-game winless streak.

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