Goals and summary of Xolos Tijuana 1-2 Chivas in Liga MX 2022 | 07/09/2022

Goals and summary of Xolos Tijuana 1-2 Chivas in Liga MX 2022 | 07/09/2022

23:23 22 minutes ago


23:08 37 minutes ago

96′ ft

Complete the match. Xolos 1-2 Chivas.

23:05 40 minutes ago

95′ WAS

The referee goes to the VAR to check a possible penalty in favor of Xolos.

23:02 43 minutes ago


SAVE CHIVAS! Ponce deflects correctly to avoid the draw.

22:58 an hour ago


The referee adds six minutes to the game.

22:55 an hour ago


SAVE CHIVAS! Castillo forgives the equalizer after a great cross from Tití Rodríguez where Castillo heads in and the ball goes near the far post.

22:49 an hour ago

80′ Change

Chivas: Calderón and Beltrán leave; Enter Ponce and Vega

22:46 an hour ago

76′ Change

Xolos: Fabián Castillo enters and Iván López leaves.

22:44 an hour ago


Goal by Chivas canceled for having registered it with the hand.

22:44 an hour ago

74′ Change

Chivas: ‘Piojo’ Alvarado leaves and ‘Oso’ González enters.

22:42 an hour ago


Yellow card for Renato Ibarra.

10:40 p.m. ago


WOW! Superb save from the Chivas goalkeeper after a shot on goal by Tití Rodríguez.

22:39 an hour ago

69′ Change

Xolos: Tití Rodríguez enters and Francisco Contreras leaves

22:38 an hour ago

So was the draw

22:37 an hour ago


GOAL CHIVAS! Annotated by Luis Olivas.

10:30 p.m. ago


Yellow card for Santiago Ormeño.

22:28 an hour ago


Yellow card for Fernando Beltrán and Carlos Cisneros.

22:27 an hour ago


GOAL TIJUANA! Scored by Franco Di Santo.

22:26 an hour ago

So was the goal

22:24 an hour ago

54′ Change

Xolos: Vázquez and Montecinos leave; Ibarra and Di Santo enter.

22:16 an hour ago


GOAL CHIVAS! Annotated by Roberto Alvarado.

22:14 2 hours ago


The second half begins.

21:57 2 hours ago

45’+3 MT

The first half ends. Xolos 0-0 Chivas.

21:56 2 hours ago


Cross from Alan Mozo where Ormeño heads uncomfortably and the ball goes over the crossbar.

21:54 2 hours ago


The referee adds three minutes to the first period.

21:51 2 hours ago


YOU LOSE IT XOLOS! Nice pass from Alexis Canelo to Iván López who heads alone, but his shot misses and only goes close.

21:48 2 hours ago


JIMENEZ! Once again Iván López was in front of goal, but Wacho Jiménez resists and avoids the goal.

21:46 2 hours ago


LOPEZ HEAD! Xolos close to the opener after a header in the area.

21:39 2 hours ago


We arrived half an hour after the start of the game. Chivas has more ball possession, but fails to finish with the goal.

21:34 2 hours ago


Take a break to hydrate.

21:30 2 hours ago


Chicote entered the box to make a series of passes but fired a shot that hit the net on the outside.

21:25 2 hours ago


Superb crossing of Chiquete! Filtered pass in the area where the Chivas defender crosses opportunely to deprive him of the opportunity to finish off Canelo.

21:21 2 hours ago


Shot by Sergio Flores who passes near the goal of Tijuana.

21:18 2 hours ago


Cisneros! Low center that runs through the area, but no one manages to close the clamp.

21:15 2 hours ago


Long shot from Cisneros which Jonathan Orozco saves correctly.

21:09 3 hours ago


Start the game

20:55 3 hours ago


20:47 3 hours ago

Xolos Tijuana Range

Orozco, Govea, N. Díaz, Guzmán, J. Díaz, Lortora, Contreras, Vázquez, Montecinos, Canelo and López.

20:46 3 hours ago

Chivas range

Jiménez, Mozo, Sepúlveda, Orozco, Olivas, Calderón, Beltrán, Cisneros, Flores, Ormeño and Alvarado.

20:39 3 hours ago


20:33 3 hours ago

next game

During the 14th day, Tijuana will visit the vice-champion Pachuca next Sunday at 8 p.m. at the Hidalgo stadium. For its part, Chivas will host Nicolás Larcamón’s Puebla at the Akron stadium next Saturday at 9 p.m.

20:24 3 hours ago

Last five games

20:20 3 hours ago

The arrival

20:14 4 hours ago


In the history of clashes between Xolos and Chivas, those of Tijuana have the balance in their favor with 10 wins, 6 draws and 6 wins for Guadalajara. In the last match between the two teams, it ended with a convincing victory for the rojiblancos with the score of 2-1 at the Akron stadium.

20:10 4 hours ago


20:07 4 hours ago

we start

All ready! We are less than an hour from the kick-off of the match between Tijuana and Chivas, two teams who want to get the three points in this match corresponding to the 13th day of the midweek. On the one hand, the Xolos haven’t been able to add 3 points for three games, so today they have to take advantage of the local situation and win again at home, while Chivas want to maintain the good course and continue to climb positions. . Will anyone be victorious? Follow our coverage on VAVEL Mexico.

23:22 a day ago

Don’t leave here to follow Xolos Tijuana vs Chivas live

In a few moments we will share the starting line-ups for the game between Tijuana vs. Chivas live, in addition to the most recent information that emerges from the Caliente stadium. Do not miss any detail of the match with minute by minute and live online from VAVEL.

23:17 a day ago

Where and how to watch Xolos Tijuana vs Chivas live

23:12 a day ago

Watch out for this Chivas player

23:07 a day ago

Watch out for this Xolos player

23:02 a day ago

The latest composition from Chivas

Miguel Jimenez; Jesús Sánchez, Jesús Orozco, Luis Olivas, Gilberto Sepúlveda; Sergio Flores, Fernando Beltran, Isaac Brizuela; Roberto Alvarado, Angel Zaldivar, Alexis Vega.

22:57 a day ago

Last squad Xolos Tijuana

Jonathan Orozco, Ismael Govea, Victor Guzman, Nicolas Diaz, Jair Diaz, Federico Letora, José Juan Vazquez, Francisco Contreras, Renato Ibarra, Alexis Canelo, Edgar Lopez.

22:52 a day ago

Who will be the referees and assistants?

The central arbiter of this Kholos vs. Chivas will be Guillermo Pacheco Larios; Jorge Andrés Hernández front row; Eduardo Acosta, second row; Héctor Salvador Solorio, fourth assistant.

22:47 a day ago

Chivas: Continue the hot sequence

22:42 a day ago

Xolos de Tijuana: To return to the local path

22:37 a day ago

13th day

22:32 a day ago

The match will be played at Caliente Stadium

The game Xolos Tijuana – Chivas It will be played at Caliente Stadium, in Tijuana, Mexico. Departure is scheduled for 9:05 p.m. (CDMX).

22:27 a day ago


Hello to all VAVEL readers! Welcome to the match broadcast Xolos Tijuana vs. Chivas live, corresponding to day 13 of the opening tournament of the Liga MX 2022. The meeting will take place at the Caliente stadium, at 9:05 p.m.

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