Gustavo Ferrareis seriously injured at Chivas against Puebla

Gustavo Ferrareis seriously injured at Chivas against Puebla

The Camoteros defender suffered a left ankle injury in the opening minutes of the game at Akron Stadium

the defender of Puebla, Gustave Ferrareis suffered a spectacular wound of ankle in the duel before Chivas at Akron Stadium, after his foot got stuck on the playing field.

The defender of the Puebla team, in a cover on the left wing, suffered a apparent breakafter his shoe remained stuck in the grassthen the ankle seemed to slip out of position and ended up seeking medical assistance due to the severity of the injury. wound.

After receiving medical attention, immediately the medical personnel of the group of Puebla asked for the change of the footballer, seeing the seriousness of the woundafter the left leg was badly injured.

During medical treatment, Akron Stadium paramedics and the Akron Medical Team Puebla They tried to calm the footballer, given the impression of the seriousness of wound which he presented.

Likewise, knowing the seriousness of the woundthe elements of Chivas there Puebla approached the footballer, then seeing what had happened to Gustave Ferrareiselements of both teams lamented what happened, raising their hands to their faces in a surprising way.

At the end of the work of the medical and paramedical staff, the player was replaced and taken to the emergency car, to leave the Akron stadium and thus benefit from a precise medical check-up and receive specialized care taking into account the severity of the injury. wound.

Get picked up in the emergency car, Gustave Ferrareis was pulled to the applause of fans of Chivasafter several Guadalajara followers realized the seriousness of the woundso local sound and fans in Guadalajara regretted what happened.

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