Hamilton penalized after changing engine in Italian F1 GP

Hamilton penalized after changing engine in Italian F1 GP

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Mercedes has finally made the decision to fit a fourth power unit to Lewis Hamilton’s car for this weekend’s race at Monza due to a damaged third engine following his crash with Fernando Alonso on the opening lap at Spa -Francorchamps.

This power unit, which withstood a 45G impact and the loss of some fluids, was brought back to the factory by mercedes in Brixworth for further evaluation and to determine if it could again be made available to the British pilot.

The prognosis does not seem to have been positive and this has led the team, which does not feel comfortable in the face of doubts, to fit a new power unit to the engine unit of hamilton.

In this way, the seven-time world champion will mount the fourth power unit of the year this weekend, which will inevitably mean a penalty that will see him start from the back of the starting grid.

Formula 1 drivers have a clear limitation on the powertrain components they can use in a single season, with a maximum of three in 2022, and the Briton appeared to be in a comfortable position before the Spa incident.

However, the loss of this power unit left mercedes no options, and Monza is at least a good track to take a grid penalty due to the overtaking opportunities it offers compared to other circuits on the calendar.

It is understood the team is still assessing whether it can salvage some elements of Hamilton’s third power unit ahead of upcoming races.

If successful, some items could be fitted to the Briton’s car for free practice on Friday until the end of the season, which would help limit the mileage of other racing engines.

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