Harris and Clinton represent Hochul in New York: ‘Everything is on the line’

Harris and Clinton represent Hochul in New York: ‘Everything is on the line’

Hochul, like other Democrats across the country, spent much of the campaign focused on abortion rights after the Supreme Court overturned Roe v. Wade. New York Democrats’ new campaign message features a Buffalo gynecologist who is “terrified for the women of New York that Lee Zeldin could become governor.”

Hochul faces an unexpectedly close race in New York with plenty of Democrats, with most polls showing her leading between 4 percentage points and 11 percentage points. That’s too close for comfort in a state that has twice as many Democrats as Republicans and hasn’t elected a statewide GOP candidate in two decades.

That prompted her party to bring in some of its most valued campaign surrogates to help Hochula in a race many had written off as an easy Democratic victory; President Joe Biden visited New York twice during the past month to highlight the state’s economic development efforts.

“Republicans don’t hide what they want,” Clinton said. “They actually say the silent part out loud. And Lee Zeldin and the Republicans, along with Trump and their allies, are literally fighting tooth and nail to turn back the clock. Of course they want to turn back the clock on abortion. They spent 50 years trying to make it happen.”

Zeldin acknowledged voters’ concerns about crime and the state’s high cost of living, predicting it would top abortion rights and threats to democracy as top issues on Election Day. A Long Island congressman opposes abortion but has vowed not to try to repeal New York’s abortion access laws, which are among the strongest in the country. Hochul further strengthened them shortly after the court struck down Roe in June.

“I was making a basic point that New York a few years ago codified much more than that Roethat when we woke up the day after Dobbs decision, the law in New York was exactly the same as before and I will not change it,” Zeldin said in an interview on Saturday.

Hochul argues that voters shouldn’t buy that — pointing to GOP-appointed Supreme Court justices who have promised not to touch abortion rights, only to overturn Roe.

“I heard my opponent say, ‘Oh, don’t worry, the day after the Dobbs decision, nothing changed in New York State, so don’t worry,'” Hochul told the crowd. “You know why nothing has changed in New York State? Because I’m the governor.”

She tried to deflect criticism of her criminal plan crossing New York and her own string of ads on her criminal record. But she also continues to focus on New York’s protection of abortion rights — hoping to repeat the Democrats’ success over the summer in a victory for the New York House and in other races across the nation where abortion was a motivating factor, including Kansas, where constitutional amendment against abortion was rejected.

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