he did not understand why the PSG coach took him out

he did not understand why the PSG coach took him out

Messi is replaced by Sarabia; already in the bank, did not understand the change

When the fourth referee’s light panel came on with the No. 30 in red, it was a mixture of perplexity and surprise in the Parc des Princes. Paris Saint-Germain coach Christophe Galtier replaced Lionel Messi. They were 41 minutes into the second half and the game against monaco It was not solved by a landslide, as it happened in the three previous dateswhich would have justified the departure of the Argentinian, as a way to avoid garbage minutes.

The 1-1, with a PSG trying to break down the solid defensive wall of Monaco, It made us assume that Messi’s permanence was essential, especially because, without having an outstanding performance, he was the best of the trident which fits with Neymar and Kylian Mbappe.

Lionel Messi, in the draw against Monaco

Lionel Messi, during the draw against Monaco – Credits: @Aurelien Morissard

So far, Messi has played all three full games. He had the continuity that was usual at Barcelona and that he lacked in his first season in French football, where we see him more adapted.

It caught a bit of attention because Messi seemed necessary in pursuit of triumph. Come to PSG seven matches in 21 days, but replacing him in the last five minutes is not interpreted as a measure to preserve him physically. At the exit, Messi replied to Galtier’s greeting, he made no gesture of disagreement. But when he sat down on the bench, he gestured denial and ignorance as if responding to a question from a colleague asking if he was tired or had physical problems. He hinted that he should continue.

On social networks, many fans asked Galtier, which was not consulted during the press conference on the reasons for the variant. In any case, the situation was far from resembling the tense moment last season, when Messi made him a rudeness to Mauricio Pochettino at the time he replaced him in a match against Lyon.

Messi's gesture when a teammate asked him why he left

Messi’s gesture when a teammate asked him why he left

The Argentine coach held out his hand to greet him and in response he received only a disapproving look from Messi. Then, with his proverbial spirit of conciliation, Pochettino explained the causes: “I took the decision to replace Messi to protect him from possible injuries. We have important games ahead of us and we want to deal with them. It’s a very big team, I have 35 players, and coaches are there to make decisions. Sometimes they can like it and sometimes not. His reaction ? I asked him how he was, he told me he was fine, no problem. Done, that was all the talk in the group”.

In the 24 games he started in Ligue 1 last season, Messi was substituted twice. The one cited against Lyon, in September, and against Lille, the following month. He has played in all seven Champions League games. Except in cases of force majeure, Messi always wants to finish the matchesa desire they know very well in Barcelona and in the Argentine team.

As for the 1-1 draw at the Parc des Princes, the goal fest that had been Paris Saint Germain’s start in Ligue 1 came to a halt., with Christophe Galtier adding a collective idea that boosted its image. on three dates had converted 17 goalswith stellar performance from the trident: Neymar (5 goals and 6 assists), Lionel Messi (3 goals and 2 assists) and Kylian Mbappé – absent on the first day – (4 goals).

Highlights of PSG 1 – Monaco 1

The offensive barrage stopped this Sunday, against the Monegasque compact, who had just been beaten by Lens. PSG needed a penalty from Neymar – the lack was committed to the Brazilian after a very nice assist from Messi- to achieve equality. The French champion showed less clarity and depth than the previous days. Messi, in a fairly flat squad, had some productive interventions. He managed to make it 1-1 in the first half with a left-footed shot that hit a post.

Already without 100% efficiency in points, PSG now share first place with Olympique de Marseille – Alexis Sánchez scored two goals in today’s victory – and Lens.

VIDEO: Highlights Ligue 1 + (J3) – Neymar, Alexis and Dembélé

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