He lost his police job to Daniel Prude. Now he’s running for Congress.

He lost his police job to Daniel Prude. Now he’s running for Congress.

Gerald Gamm, a professor of political science and history at the University of Rochester, said Mr. Singletary has a path to victory because his law enforcement background gives him credibility with voters concerned about crime and other issues that favor Republicans.

If you can get even a small portion of the black vote in Rochester and combine that with the more traditional Republican vote in the suburbs, along with the votes of some independent voters who are concerned about crime or concerned about inflation and concerned about the economy, you build a winning coalition,” he said. Professor Gamm.

James M. Blount, 79, publisher of a local magazine that focuses on the black community, was even more succinct.

“I I think it’s closer than you think,” Mr. Blount said. “You can’t take anything for granted.”

Rochester himself is profoundly democratic: he had not republican major in almost half a century. But the Monroe County Legislature, which includes the city and much of the county, is almost evenly split between the two parties, with its Democratic Speaker Sabrina LaMar teaming up with Republicans to give that party a majority.

Mrs. LaMar, who has quarreled with Mr. Morelle in the past, said that many residents of Montenegro are still upset about the death of Mr. Prude, and that distrust in the police is still high. At the same time, she believes Mr. Singletary’s emphasis on crime could attract some black voters.

The same people who were affected by Daniel Prude, especially downtown, are also affected by gun murders,” said Ms. LaMar, who is black, noting a string of recent shootings, including last year’s killing of her nephew. “And nobody seems to be doing anything about it.”

Both candidates are known in the district, with deep roots. Mr. Morelle, 65, is a former district attorney from Irondequoit, north of the city, where he lives just a few blocks from the house where he grew up and where his mother still lives. He served in the State Assembly for 14 terms, rising to the rank of Majority Leader, before running for Congress in 2018 to fill the seat Representative Louise Slaughtera liberal and longtime congresswoman from Rochester who died in office.

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