He refuses to go to Europe to succeed in America

He refuses to go to Europe to succeed in America

The Eagles received praise that is rarely heard in today’s football.

America knew a player's loyalty.
© Picture 7America knew a player’s loyalty.

Unlike other seasons, the America he is postulated as the big favorite to stay with him 2022 Opening Tournament. The communion between fans, directors, coaching staff and players is the best in years and it has already caused a football player does not want to leave Coapa.

After beating Chivas in the National Classic, some blue-cream elements left the nest to report with their squad on the last FIFA date in the year before the Qatar 2022 World Cup. One of those called up was Pedro Aquinowith Peru, who in an interview clarified its future intentions.

It is common for many footballers to dream of leaving for the Old Continent, but in the case of Aquino his wish is stay many years in the Eagles and make a living in Mexico City.

We have been waiting for Europe for a long time already; we have this illusion, but today I could tell you that I am not a conformist person, but Today America in Mexico I would like to stay, maybe suddenly make my life here, make a career and stay with the family“, he expressed during a conversation with Delete mark.

He has a lot of fight to regain possession

Despite being a player with a lot of quality, Pedro Aquino has a huge work ahead if he wants to continue in America, since so far Fernando Ortíz has opted for Richard Sánchez and Álvaro Fidalgo as his midfield partner.

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