HIS GOODBYE DAMAGED HIM: Xavi’s reaction to Aubameyang’s Chelsea move

HIS GOODBYE DAMAGED HIM: Xavi’s reaction to Aubameyang’s Chelsea move

If the decision had depended xavier, Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang would not have left FC Barcelona. The fact is that a good offer was made for the club and for the player, and both parties chose not to let it slip away.

The master It is clear that those involved in the operation ended up being happy. However, he couldn’t help but feel a little sad. And it is that dawn He is a fantastic footballer who has integrated himself wonderfully into the Catalan club.

He had only positive words regarding the historic African striker. Maybe at Arsenal they don’t have such good credentials (he was wrong from there) but his direct experience with the 33-year-old striker was very pleasant. An exemplary and professional athlete, on and off the pitch. He was an example for everyone.


“With Aubameyang I feel a bit sad because he helped us a lot. He was an example on and off the pitch. There are stark differences, the numbers are extraordinary. As a person he is a treasure , a marvel, always well trained. We are sorry. This type of footballer is sad to see him go”.

“But hey, it was an opportunity, especially for him, for the club too. It was about putting pieces together and I think everyone was happy. Even so, it makes me sad, as a coach, to lose a footballer like Aubameyang. He was an example for the whole club, for all the players”.

The players who left, without exception, showed an exceptional attitude: “I’m sorry, but for everyone who’s gone. In the end, they were all professionals. Even many of them, to whom I have told since May that I don’t have one, have entered very well. They had respect, they made an effort and they had an attitude at all times.

Undefeated data. Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang can say he scored in the Spanish League, UEFA Europa League and El Clásico against Real Madrid. And who only spent 6 months at FC Barcelona.

Did you know that…? Pierre-Emerick Aubameyang scored 13 goals and 1 assist in 24 official matches (1,522 minutes) with the FC Barcelona jersey. Brutal numbers.

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