Historic victory for China’s Yibing Wu at the US Open

Historic victory for China’s Yibing Wu at the US Open

China opted for women’s tennis in the general mobilization to have medal contenders in the 2008 Beijing Olympics. There has been a million dollar investment in infrastructure and the help of foreign coaches, showing their power in attracting major ATP and WTA tournaments.

The plan was initially based on women’s doubles, considering it to be the quickest and most accessible way to build champions. Tang Li and Tiantian Sun They clinched gold ahead of schedule, in Athens 2004. Jie Zheng and Zi Yan they won bronze four years later on home soil, also being Grand Slam champions. as also Shuai Pengin the news lately due to international concern that he is doing well in his country after being the victim of a horrific incident involving a high profile local politician.

and emerged Na Liindividual champion. Meanwhile, men, not a trace.

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They took longer but they are starting to show their heads. Yibing Wu, 22, made history at the US Open by becoming the first Chinese to win a professional men’s Grand Slam match. To find a winning compatriot in the United States, you have to go back to 1935 to find Cheng Guy at the American championships of the time. Mei Fu Chi he had his victory at Wimbledon 1959, the most recent antecedent.

Wu overwhelmed the Georgian Nikoloz Basilashvili, seeded 31st, 6-3, 6-4 and 6-0. He had shared a few days before with Zhizhen Zhang, 25 and world number 137, the feat of entering a professional Grand Slam draw. This one could have made the party bigger, but he yielded to Tim Van Rijthoven after having had seven “match” points.

Wu is no stranger. He was the US Open junior singles and doubles champion in 2017, when he dominated the U-18 circuit. He disappeared from March 2019 to January 2022, due to injuries which he prefers not to detail. His comeback is spectacular: from 1,869 in the ATP rankings in March to 174 today. He has won 34 of the 38 matches played this year, he has dominated the last 14. He reached New York qualifying with two ATP Challenger titles in his pocket.

In this sieve was another Chinese that must be taken into account, Junchen Shang, 17 years old and nº 202 ATP. Trained in the United States, he was already number one junior, a category in which he lost in the final of the US Open 2021 against the Spaniard. Dani Rincon.

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