Homeowner withdraws listing in North Carolina after report of bullet hole

Homeowner withdraws listing in North Carolina after report of bullet hole

A North Carolina Republican congressional candidate criticized his Democratic opponent’s campaign Friday for featuring one of his homes in a TV ad, saying someone recently fired a bullet into his parents’ home.

The Hickory Police Department confirmed that the parents of Republican candidate, Pat Harrigan, reported on Oct. 19 that a bullet had been fired the night before and pierced the laundry room window of their home. No one was hurt.

The police report did not become public until it was covered by local news on Thursday, and the campaign of Mr. Harrigan’s Democratic opponent, Jeff Jackson, removed an ad showing Harrigan’s second residence. The ad had been posted since October 18, apparently the same date the bullet hole was found.

During Friday morning’s performance on “Fox & Friends”, Mr Harrigan accused Mr Jackson of “very poor judgement”.

“In the era Steve Scalise and Brett Kavanaughand now, Paul Pelosi,” he said. “This is just unbelievable to me.”

Mr. Harrigan and Mr. Jackson are running for the open seat representing North Carolina’s 14th congressional district, which was created after the 2020 census.

A Jackson campaign ad featured a shot of a lakefront home, with a man in a suit cutting through the waves on a jet ski. It said Mr. Harrigan “did so well” as a firearms manufacturer that he was able to buy a residence and a jet ski. The question was also asked whether Mr. Harrigan lives in the district.

“We fully support the police as they investigate this incident and believe any wrongdoing should be prosecuted to the fullest extent of the law,” said Mr Jackson’s campaign spokesman, Tommy Cromie.

Mr Cromie said the ad was taken out of “an abundance of caution and concern but, to be clear, the home involved in the incident was never featured in any of our adverts.”

Mr Harrigan’s parents told police they found the bullet hole around 10pm on October 18, according to a police report, which was filed the next morning and described the incident as a “shooting (possible injury) into occupied property.” The last time they could remember seeing the window intact was on Oct. 16, according to the report. Damage was estimated at $500.

On Fox News, Mr. Harrigan said his parents were watching television when “a bullet tore through” their home, 20 feet from his sleeping children, who had spent the night at their grandparents’ house.

“This is completely unexpected,” he added, “especially for this neighborhood.”

The incident in Hickory, about 58 miles northwest of Charlotte, was widely reported by local and national media on Thursday. The Associated Press said the bullet came from the “dense forest” and did not wake the children.

The type of firearm has not been identified, and police spokeswoman Kristen Hart said Friday that the case remains under investigation. She said The Carolina Journal that investigators found a shell casing. Reports investigated by the FBI could not be confirmed.

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