Horner “does not recognize” Ricciardo: “He is no longer the same”

Horner “does not recognize” Ricciardo: “He is no longer the same”

Red Bull team boss says Ricciardo has lost confidence

Expect him to continue in Formula 1 next season

Daniel Ricciardo’s stint at McLaren was not easy for the Australian driver and it will come to an end at the end of this season. Red Bull team principal Christian Horner says he ‘doesn’t recognize’ Ricciardo and hopes he finds a new seat in the ‘Grand Cirque’.

McLaren and Ricciardo have announced that they will end their relationship at the end of the season after two years where results have not been as expected. Horner, who has known Ricciardo well from his time at Red Bull, explains that he is no longer the same driver he was when he raced with them and says he has lost all his confidence.

“It’s very sad. Obviously I’m not close to that and I’ve spoken little with Daniel,” Horner said in statements collected by Sky Sports F1.

I don’t recognize him as the same pilot as when he was with us. He’s one of the best guys out there. He definitely has that ability.”

Your trust has been destroyed. We used to see him on the podium, with the shoe, playing with that big smile and you don’t see any of that anymore.”

Daniel Ricciardo’s future is still unknown. There are still places to be confirmed in Formula 1 for next season and Horner hopes that one of them will go to the Australian. “I hope you find an opportunity to advance your career because I think that for Formula 1, it is better to have it in the Championship than not to do it”, he assured.

Horner recalled Ricciardo’s great performance as a Red Bull driver and hopes he can show his potential again. “I hope he finds a place because if we think back to some of the races he ran for us, winning the Monaco Grand Prix with a 50% battery for example…he did something great. ‘incredible,’ he said.

“You have to remember how he was with Seb, when he arrived in the team, how he gave himself, how close he was to Max…”, he said to conclude.

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