How are Mac Jones and Tom Brady alike, according to Troy Aikman?

How are Mac Jones and Tom Brady alike, according to Troy Aikman?

Hall of Fame quarterback and new analyst for ‘Monday Night Football’ ESPN revealed what he thinks of quarterbacks

FOXBOROUGH – During his first year as an analyst for the “Monday night football” of ESPN, Troy Aikman you can take a look at the quarterback McJones and the New England Patriots twice, on October 24 against the Chicago Bearsand on December 12, a visit to the Arizona Cardinals.

Aikman spent time with Joneswho he shares a connection with through the Veteran Pass Guardian Jones, Joe Dickinson. believe that the patriots they have a pearl. Moreover, he says he is not surprised to learn that Jones and the offense New England suffered a few “setbacks” during the transition from coordinator Josh McDaniels to a three-headed leadership structure that includes the playcaller Matt Patriciahead coach Bill Belichickand quarterbacks coach, joe judges.

“I like McJones; I really like. I think you have everything it takes to win in the NFL. It’s a bit like To M [Brady] in this sense, which is not surprising why it ended in New England“, said Aikman.

“Yes, I will say, and Invoice You know, I think the position of offensive coordinator is the most difficult position in football. I think it’s the most demanding job. They are hard to find. There aren’t many big ones. There are many who have titles, but there are not many great attacking minds.

“I had the opportunity to play for some of the best who did. [Ernie Zampese y Norv Turner]. Man, when you have that on your playcaller, and they’re in sync with the quarterback, it’s like going step by step with your dance partner. It’s the best feeling in the world. So I think they will miss Josh. Maybe they miss him already. But, if anyone can overcome this, it’s obviously Invoice. He’s the best he’s ever done.”

The unconventional decision of Belichick regarding his group of attacking assistants – appointing no one as attacking coordinator and relying on two coaches whose main experience is in defense (Patricia) and special equipment (Judge)– faces its first big test on September 11, when the patriots they visit the Miami Dolphins.

Added to the change in coaching was a “new offence” which significantly changed its terminology, which again swung the apprenticeship cure to Jones and Cia. Pre-season results were shaky, with Jones didn’t look as comfortable as he seemed at this time last year.

Gamers preached patience, and that’s basically the same thing he does Aikman.

“It has an impact. I think if Mac I was honest, he said, ‘Yes.’ That doesn’t mean he can’t qualify for the season and be more successful this year. Maybe I will,” he warned. Aikman.

“It seemed that he and Josh they had a great relationship. And it becomes so difficult because so many things happen in a game, in a practice; there is frustration, the quarterback is singled out, they don’t do this and that. Having a guy you can really trust, there’s so much about this relationship that doesn’t show up on the stat sheet, even on game day. This will be a difficult position to fill, and a difficult position for Mac gain in comfort”.

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