how much does it cost, where to buy it, when is it on sale

how much does it cost, where to buy it, when is it on sale

(Spanish CNN) — Every 4 years of the World Cup comes the long-awaited album of Panini prints or prints, which has won over football fans and collectors around the world, especially in Latin America. And soon you can get your hands on the Qatar 2022 edition: this collector’s book will go on sale on September 7, which you can buy online or in various physical outlets.

In Argentina, the album’s release date was August 24, but the pre-sale started last Friday and very quickly, in less than 24 hours, the album sold out nationwide, the agency reported. Argentine state press, Telam. .

Ernesto Acuña, second vice-president of the Newsstand Union of the Argentine Republic, said sales of World Cup albums and figurines had no precedent, and they asked, at this association, that they give priority to kioskeros in the sale the World Cup is printed on them and not on supermarkets and door-to-door sales.

“We ask them to do something: that they deliver the figurines to us, that the people of Panini review, that they change, and that as of Monday not a single truck leaves to distribute in a point which is not a kiosk in the country” Acuña said on channel A24.

“We are also saying to the government that it is they who must control this, that they must take action on this matter and that they cannot be ignored.

“For some it will be the figurines. For us, the food plate,” Acuña said.

In other Latin American countries from September 7. In the United States, the album will go on sale August 24, according to Panini America.

According to the Italian publisher, 670 stamps will be needed to fill the album since it contains the 32 teams and their complete teams, stadiums, shields and special stickers.

The album includes stamps with the faces of the most emblematic players of the moment who will compete in the World Cup alongside their national teams: Lionel Messi, Cristiano Ronaldo, Robert Lewandowski, Neymar, Kylian Mbappé, among others.

Here we tell you how much it costs and where you can buy the Panini album, which first went on sale in 1970, when the World Cup was held in Mexico.

How much does the Panini Qatar edition 2022 album cost?

These are the prices by Panini Mexico from the collector’s album of this edition of the Qatar 2022 World Cup:

  • Five-stamp envelope: 18 pesos
  • Box of 104 envelopes: 1,872 pesos
  • Ecoblister of 10 sachets: 179 pesos
  • Softcover album with two envelopes: 59 pesos
  • Softcover album with four envelopes: 89 pesos
  • Regular hardcover album: 247 pesos
  • Hardback album with 104 envelopes: 2,121 pesos

Panini Qatar Albums Price 2022 in United StatesAccording to Panini America:

  • Softcover album without envelopes: $2
  • Box of 50 envelopes: 75 US$

In Colombia There is no price for the album yet, but there are presales for the prints:

  • Box of 104 envelopes: 364,000 pesos

There are no official Panini Qatar 2022 album prices yet for Argentina, but the sports media assure that the pack of 5 stamps will cost around 105 pesos.

Where to buy the Panini Qatar edition 2022 album?

Panini’s album will be available for sale online (presale ended August 14) but you can also find it in specialty stores, newsstands and magazines, supermarkets or department stores in Mexico.

These are the authorized points of sale to acquire the album and stamps for the World Cup in Qatar 2022:

  • panini shops
  • Paninis online
  • Exclusive Online Panini Shops
  • Specialty stores
  • Newsstands in Mexico City
  • oxxo
  • sanborns
  • liverpool
  • To mix together
  • Eat it
  • HEB
  • Gandhi bookstores
  • Amazon

In the USA:

If you live in the United States, you can buy both the Panini Qatar 2022 edition album and the envelopes and packaging online through the online store, here.

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